Monday, October 4, 2010

ACC Review Week 5

Final Scores
Florida State 34, Virginia 14
Miami 30, Clemson 21
Virginia Tech 41, NC State 30
North Carolina 42, East Carolina 17
Maryland 21, Duke 16
Georgia Tech 24, Wake Forest 20
Notre Dame 31, Boston College 13

Taught a Master's Class
Florida State
Ever since the debacle at Oklahoma, the Noles have been a different team. The defense leads the nation in sacks, and some of that old swagger is back. Christian Ponder is not what some people thought he would be, and the fact that anyone ever tried to promote his Heisman candidacy seems like a farce, but the running game is picking up the slack.

Virginia Tech
Every week there seems to be a new level of urgency for the Hokies. They are still on a mission to win the ACC and head off for the BCS, and this week brought them to face off against a Wolfpack team that is hell bent on shirking their loser status. Tech overcame, and they roll on.

North Carolina
The Heels could have easily faltered to ECU, as the Pirates have a history of coming up big in games like this. There were many distractions involving the John Blake agent controversy, but that didn't dull the mindset of UNC for this game. Good work.

Didn't Learn Much
What an identity crisis the Hurricanes are having. Jacory Harris is struggling week after week, but what's the alternative, Highsmith? Not going to work. The defense is great one week, and then crap the next, and this week, they couldn't tackle Andre Ellington.

The important thing is that the Terps are winning. The fact that they are ugly wins should not matter at this point, it's just all about saving Ralph Friedgen's ass from the fire, and his guys are doing just that. At the end of the season, Maryland could be right there with the big boys, and nobody will know how it happened.

Georgia Tech
One word for the Jackets...fraud. Tech has not been the hell on wheels group that we expected, and has been winning with smoke and mirrors when they do. Has everyone figured out the triple option? If you have not by now, get out some film and watch it.

Failing Grade
What a train wreck this week presented. The Cavs are still rebuilding, make no mistake, and no matter what disaster occurred this week, Mike London is the best shot at getting it turned around.

Dabo Swinney saw his team squander a fantastic opportunity away on Saturday, and wasted Andre Ellington's solid day. Kyle Parker played like luke warm dog crap.

NC State
Hmmm...must be October, as the Pack is getting beat again. The Wolfpack had the game at home on Saturday, the place was packed and people were excited. What's that squeaking noise? Oh, it's just the hinges on the trap door opening up on them again.

David Cutliffe turned down the Tennessee job for this disaster? Duke was no pushover against Maryland, but as losses mount, confidence flies out the window, and that's something that is very hard to get back. Rough week.

Wake Forest
On to QB #4. Injuries are mounting, and the thin nature of the depth chart looks like a hole in the floor of a beat up old car. You can see the road going by, and you start to fear that you will fall right out and hit the pavement. Oops...too late.

Boston College
Last season, Dave Shinskie gave BC fans hope for the future at QB. This season, he's a dear caught in the headlights, and everyone was teeing up on him. Now they go to Chase Rettig, a true freshman, and he screws his ankle up. QB play is killing the Eagles.

Week 6 Schedule
Boston College (2-2) at NC State (3-1)
Central Michigan (2-3) at Virginia Tech (3-2)
Virginia (2-2) at Georgia Tech (3-2)
Clemson (2-2) at North Carolina (2-2)
Navy (2-2) at Wake Forest (2-3)
Florida State (4-1) at Miami (3-1)

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