Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 4 Saturday Preview-Part 1

Have a chance to set up folding chairs at a senior center while being heckled by the judges from the muppet show? May be a better option than staying home for these games this Saturday.

Buffalo (1-2) at UConn (1-2)
Vegas Line: UConn -20
I pick: UConn
This game matches a team that nobody knew anything about (UB) and a team that we all thought would be pretty solid but is not (UC). When the Huskies are favored by 20, you know that you have a yawner on your hands.

FIU (0-2) at Maryland (2-1)
Vegas Line: Maryland -11
I pick: Maryland
FIU had Texas A&M on the hook and then fell apart in the 4th last week. The Terps were never in the game against West Virginia. FIU has been striclty awful in recent years, and this week should be no different.

Austin Peay (2-1) at Wisconsin (3-0)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: UW
Why are we seeing this game on the schedule in week 4? why are we seeing it at all?

Northern Colorado (2-1) at Michigan State (3-0)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: MSU
See the above line...If anyone thinks that Sparty is in line to get upset because of Mark Dantonio's absence, think again.

Bowling Green at Michigan
Vegas Line: Michigan -25.5
I pick: UM
If this were last season, BG would have had a small shot at an upset with Tyler Sheehan and Freddie Barnes running the show. Sheehan and Barnes are gone, and Denard Robinson needs a new D to shred.

Ball State (1-2) at Iowa (2-1)
Vegas Line: Iowa -28
I pick: Iowa
I got a call from Kirk Ferentz today...he wanted to know if I could fill in at RB behind Adam Robinson. I then got a better offer from Stan Parrish. He offered me the QB job and his job too.

UAB (1-2) at Tennessee (1-2)
Vegas Line: Tennessee -13.5
I pick: UT
Nobody outside of Knoxville and Birmingham...check that...nobody outside of Knoxville really cares about this one.

VMI (1-1) at Virginia (1-1)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: UVA
This is a joke, and UVA's second game against a 1-AA opponent this season. This is not how you get better.

Air Force (2-1) at Wyoming (1-2)
Vegas Line: Air Force -13.5
I pick: AF
ANyone who has been watching both of these teams must have the same feeling that the Falcons are going to run all over the Cowboys and on to next week.

Army(2-1)  at Duke (1-2)
Vegas Line: Duke -6
I pick Army
It looks like Vegas doesn't believe in Army this season, but have they watched Duke? Wow, they suck.

USC (3-0) at Washington State (0-3)
Vegas Line: USC -22
I pick: USC
WSU is planning Paul Wulff's going away party for the day after he leaves campus. What a mess that place is. USC will win their 3rd road game in 4 games.

Colgate (1-1) at Syracuse (2-1)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: SU
Really??? The Cuse has to play back to back games against 1-AA competition just to bulk up their win totals. Too bad it does nothing for their PRS ranking on this site. Do people actually pay for these tickets? Was the local Pop Warner team too busy?

Tulane (1-1) at Houston (2-1)
Vegas Line: Houston -19.5
I pick: Houston
Things have gotten so bad at Tulane that Houston is almost a 20 point favorite even when their BCS dreams have been crushed and they are relegated to a 3rd string QB. That's says everything that you need to know.

Arkansas State (1-2) at Troy (1-2)
Vegas Line: Troy -11
I pick: ASU in the upset
Ryan Alpin has had a solid season thus far, but both teams have been major letdowns to start the season. I wouldn't bet a dime on this game.

North Carolina (0-2) at Rutgers (2-0)
Vegas Line: UNC -1
I pick: UNC
Rutgers is the worst 2-0 team in America thus far, and the odds makers see that too, as UNC is winless yet favored. I am following their lead here.

Eastern Michigan (0-3) at Ohio State (3-0)
Vegas Line: OSU -44.5
I pick: Ohio State
The only battle that EMU has a shot at is if their Eagle mascot takes on Brutus one on one. Brutus was already the Ohio Bobcat mascot's bitch last week, why not make it 2 for 2 in the MAC mascot wars being waged against OSU? Now that's good TV.

Idaho (2-1) at Colorado State (0-3)
Vegas Line: Idaho -7.5
I pick: Idaho
What happened to CSU? Remember when they were challenging the MWC hierarchy every season? It just gets worse and worse.

Oklahoma (3-0) at Cincinnati (1-2)
Vegas Line: OU -14
I pick: OU
I give up supporting UC this season. They have embarrased me beyond belief. They will do more damage this week when OU steamrolls into town. This could get ugly.

Central Arkansas (3-0) at Tulsa (1-2)
Vegas Line: None
Tulsa cannot play defense this season, and UCA is one of the best teams in 1-AA. I picked Tulsa to win in the 1-AA PRS release, but now I am not sure.

North Texas (0-3) at FAU (1-2)
Vegas Line: FAU -9.5
I pick: FAU
Watching UNT just gets more tragic by the week. Can you just please fire Todd Dodge now so that the poor bastard doesn't have to suffer anymore?

Middle Tennessee (1-2) at Louisiana-Lafayette (1-1)
Vegas Line: MTSU -2.5
I pick: MTSU
No, Dwight Dasher is not back for the Raiders, but I'll still take the FG and a win. Unless the Raiders go on a run with Dasher's scheduled return next week, neither of these teams will be likely to win the Sun Belt.

Ohio (1-2) at Marshall (0-3)
Vegas Line: Marshall -6
I pick: Ohio
Every week that I pick against Marshall, I seem to win. I will keep going that way for the time being.

SE Louisiana (1-2) at Louisiana-Monroe (0-2)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: ULM
This will be game number 2 for the Southeast Lions against 1-A teams. The news gets worse when you consider that they lost to Lamar last week. ULM can't get out of their own way either. Wow...what a winner this one is.

Southern Miss (2-1) at Louisiana Tech (1-2)
Vegas Line: Southern Miss -4
I pick: USM
People that make the odds must really think that the Eagles are as bipolar as Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston put together. Beat Kansas one week and only get 4 against the sluggish Bulldogs the next? What gives?

Akron (0-3) at Indiana (2-0)
Vegas Line: Indiana -22
I pick: IU
Let's just assume that Akron will be on the crap shelf all season long, no matter who they play.

South Dakota State (0-2) at Nebraska (3-0)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: Nebraska
The Huskers are really selling themselves short by scheduling games like this almost a month into the season. Nothing can be gained here but bad injuries in a bad game.

New Mexico State (0-2) at Kansas (1-2)
Vegas Line: KU -23
I pick: KU
Well, at least we shouldn't have to worry about which Kansas team shows up this week. Even the bad one can wipe up the Aggies in Lawrence.

Western Kentucky (0-3) at South Florida (1-1)
Vegas Line: USF -26.5
I pick: USF
Remember what we said about Akron? It also fits with WKU. Just terrible.

Fresno State (2-1) at Ole Miss (1-2)
Vegas Line: Ole Miss -2.5
I pick: Fresno State
Remember when we would choose this as a bad game because the SEC would wipe out the WAC? Ancient history. Not only will the Bulldogs win this game, but they are going to make the Rebels look really very bad in doing so.

San Jose State (1-2) at Utah (3-0)
Vegas Line: Utah -31
I pick: Utah
The Spartans barely escaped against 1-AA Southern Utah last week and I had picked SUU to win. That's how bad SJSU is this season. Utah continues their undefeated march until the TCU game.

Baylor (2-1) at Rice (1-2)
Vegas Line: Baylor -7.5
I pick: Baylor with ease
The Bears are going to be in ultra angry mode after they got outclassed last weekend by TCU. Rice is going to be the punching bag this week, but then again, aren't they always?

Northern Illinois (1-2) at Mionnesota (1-2)
Vegas Line: Minnesota -4
I pick: Minnesota
Two teams that are sinking like a stone, only the Huskies are sinking faster, and Jerry Kill may not be coaching them this week.

Memphis (1-2) at UTEP (2-1)
Vegas Line: UTEP -11.5
I pick: UTEP
Memphis stole a win that would not have occurred if Middle Tennessee were at full strength. That will be one of their only steals of the year. UTEP will gut the Tigers this week.

New Mexico (0-3) at UNLV (0-3)
Vegas Line: UNLV -10.5
I pick: UNLV
Someone's gotta win this week, right?

Charleston Southern (2-1) at Hawaii (1-2)
Vegas Line: None
I pick: Hawaii
This is the second time that the Buccaneers have come to Honolulu. I can only ask why they didn't learn their lesson the first time around?


  1. Maryland is going to lose, they only beat FIU by 2006 14-10 and have lost to another sun belt team MTSU 2 years in a row. They will lose this game and add it to the collection of sun belt teams they have lost to.

  2. Wish I could agree, but Middle Tennessee has beenmuch stronger than FIU. FIU has been just awful under MArio Christobal, and things arenot getting better there. Good luck, though.