Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2 Review-SEC

Final Scores
Auburn 17, Mississippi State 14
South Carolina 17, Georgia 6
Florida 38, South Florida 14
LSU 27, Vanderbilt 3
Oregon 48, Tennessee 13
Arkansas 31, Louisiana-Monroe 7
Alabama 24, Penn State 3
Kentucky 63, Western Kentucky 28
Ole Miss 27, Tulane 13

Taught a Master's Class
South Carolina Gamecocks
Three things stick out...freshman RB Marcus Lattimore is the best running back that Spurrier has ever had, including at Florida...Stephen Garcia is not the best QB in college football, but he has been light years above where he was this time last year...Ellis Johnson's defense may be the best he has ever had at Carolina. The Gamecocks bullied Georgia around for the most part on Saturday, and they are giving up less than 10 points per game. Lattimore rushed for 187 yards and controlled the field.

LSU Tigers
There was nothing spectacular about the win over Vandy, but it was like watching a highly dependable machine at work. Everything just went accoring to plan, and no extra effort was necessary.

Arkansas Razorbacks
Arkansas raised the bar a little bit on the competition scale, but not by much. They still managed to charge through to a win, and made it look relatively simple, with Ryan Mallett passing for 400 yards.

Alabama Crimson Tide
There is nobody as good as Bama in the SEC, or just about anywhere else right now. No Mark Ingram, no problem. Trent Richardson was amazing last Saturday, and Greg McElroy is starting to look like a QB that could play on Sundays. The Tide simply dominated Penn State, but then again, I figured that they would.

Kentucky Wildcats
Nobody is talking about the Cats right now, but you had better start keeping an eye on them. UK is the snake in the SEC grass, and if you don't watch out, you'll get bitten. Mike Hartline accounted for 4 TDs on Saturday, and he is getting better every week. Kentucky could prove to be a darkhorse in the SEC east if nobody pays attention.

Didn't Learn Much
Auburn Tigers
The Tigers struggled through their SEC opener against MSU on Thursday, and the offense that was so potent against Arkansas State last week ran into a buzz saw against the Bulldogs this week. Cameron Newton was not anything close to being as productive as he had been in  week one, but he was good enough to win with a strong defensive performance behind him. This did not look like a team that could push Alabama, or even LSU or Arkansas for that matter.

Florida Gators
Yet another team making me look bad. The offense did not kick into gear until the second half, and the line looks to be the culprit. John Brantley was better at QB this week, but the unit at large must get better. USF definately looked upset minded at halftime before the Gators rolled off 31 points in the second half to pull away.

Ole Miss Rebels
The Rebels followed a shocking loss to Jacksonville State by playing out a lifeless showing against Tulane in New Orleans. The Rebels jumped out to a 24-3 lead against Tulane, but then got outscored 10-3 the rest of the way, and they acted like what they had done was good enough. Not nearly. I am perplexed as to what this team would have done withouth Jeremiah Masoli. They'd be complete shit without him.

Failing Grade
Georgia Bulldogs
The Dogs failed in every way to be productive against the Gamecocks. aaron Murray looked like a freshman at times, and many mistakes were made, including drive killing penalties and turnovers. And could you at least try to tackle Marcus Lattimore?

Tennessee Volunteers
This is what you get when you prep for a big game by playing Tennessee-Martin. You don't know shit about your team, and your fan base gets false hope. Tennessee actually led Oregon 13-3, but you can't tell me that the game delay incurred by a lightning storm could derail your mojo that much. This was an all around disaster. Tauren Poole was the lone bright spot, as he rushed for 162 yards on the night.

Vanderbilt Commodores
Vandy never got off of the bus Saturday night in Nashville. There really is not much more to say than that. They had no life all night, and the stadium was as quiet as a grave site.

Mississippi State Bulldogs
MSU didn't do anything particularly well on offense, after a week in which everything they did was pretty special. The defense was very good, and they made Cameron Newton into an average player, which he may be anyway. The Dogs get credit for being better and improving, but they have to find a consistency that works every week. Dan Mullen is doing a good job, but it didn't work this week.

Week 3 Schedule
Arkansas (2-0) at Georgia (1-1)
Vanderbilt (0-2) at Ole Miss (1-1)
Alabama (2-0) at Duke (1-1)
Florida (2-0) at Tennessee (1-1)
Furman (1-0) at South Carolina (2-0)
Akron (0-2) at Kentucky (2-0)
Mississippi State (1-1) at LSU (2-0)
Clemson (2-0) at Auburn (2-0)

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