Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2 Review-Independents

Final Scores
Michigan 28, Notre Dame 24
Navy 13, Georgia Southern 7
Hawaii 31, Army 28

Taught a Master's Class
Back to winning 101...nobody mastered anything.

Didn't Learn Much
Navy Midshipmen
Navy is one more team that is a tremendous letdown after 2 weeks. First an unexplainable loss to Maryland, then a basic no show against GSU. Navy never could pull away from the Eagles, as neither team could produce much offense out of the option. The Paul Johnson Bowl (he coached at both schools before moving on to Georgia Tech) was a real snore fest.

Failing Grade
Notre Dame Fightless Irish
I hate to be too harsh on a team like this with a brand new coach and a brand new philosophy and culture being installed, but could anyone tackle Denard Robinson??? Please??? One man crumbled the Irish in their own house. How embarrassing. Oh more thing... you had better find a backup QB, and do it fast.

Army Cadets
Hawaii had to travel 4 time zones to face the Cadets at West Point, and the Cadets were supposed to be decent defensively. It was 21-0 Hawaii before Army even found a pulse. They took a late lead, only to give it away and so they fell to the travelling Rainbows. Military might falling to pretty colors in the sky...what's this world coming to.

Week 3 Schedule
North Texas (0-2) at Army (1-1)
Navy (1-1) at Louisiana Tech (1-1)
Notre Dame (1-1) at Michigan State (2-0)

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