Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 1 Ends

We have come to the completion of week 1 for the 2010 season. I hope that your favorite teams had better luck than mine this weekend. The poll will be released late this morning or early this afternoon. I am finalizing it now, with a little surprise to add to the mix.

I felt that there were some very nice highlights to the weekend, such as Jacksonville State's awesome upset of Ole Miss in Oxford, and North Dakota State embarrassing Kansas in Lawrence. The weekend closeout games (Maryland/Navy and Boise State/Virginia Tech) created an early season Bowl Game feel that was nice and in contrast to many of the garbage games between 1-A and week sister 1-AA programs.

Week 2 should create some very nice games, with a few slugs against 1-AA squads mixed in, but there are some beautiful classic tilts headed oour way with Miami/Ohio State, Florida State/Oklahoma, and Penn State/Alabama.

I hope that you have enjoyed Week 1 on the blog. I am trying to improve everyhthing that I do here week to week. ALso, if you have not signed up as a follower, please do. It gives me a better idea of who is coming to visit the site, and of course, feedback helps the ste improve.

Stay tuned today for the poll.


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