Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WAC Review Week 1

Final Scores
Boise State 33, Virginia Tech 30
Idaho 45, North Dakota 0
Nevada 49, Eastern Washington 24
USC 49, Hawaii 36
Louisiana Tech 20, Grambling 6
Oklahoma 31, Utah State 24
Alabama 48, San Jose State 3
Fresno State 28, Cincinnati 14
New Mexico State was idle

Taught a Master's Class

Boise State Broncos
Sure, the Broncos dropped a 17-0 lead and trailed for most of the second half, but they traveled well over 2,000 miles from home and into hostile territory and pulled out a win voer a very well coached Virginia Tech football team. This game had all the feel of a BCS bowl game, and Boise showed no signs of intimidation. They have some issues to work through, specifically defense, but this team is deserving of BCS talk.

Idaho Vandals
Idaho shut down the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota. This is how you handle business against 1-AA competition. You keep punching until the final whistle blows. Idaho showed an ability to play some defense too. Not too shabby.

Nevada Wolfpack
I drove 6 miles while listening to this game on the radio. In that time span, Nevada had taken a 21-0 lead and did not look back. Colin Kaepernick is one of the best QBs in the country, and he passed for 306 yards and 3 scores, while rushing for another. Nevada is one of two teams that could challenge Boise State.

Fresno State Bulldogs
This is the other team that can push Boise State. The Bulldogs were down earlyto Cincinnati, but then went on a 28-0 run and virtually ended UC's shot a title contention. Ryan Colbourn was the star of this game, tossing 4 scores on the night. Fresno is better than most people would give them credit for, and their field was the trap that I had warned about last week.

Didn't Learn Much

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs
Tech was supposed to run out with a high octane, pass happy attack. There was nothing high octane going on in Shreveport this weekend against Grambling. If this is the best that the offense has to offer, than there is trouble brewing...BIG TROUBLE.

Utah State Aggies
If USU had anyone on their team producing other than Diondre Borel, than an upset would have happened, as OU did not show up prepared to take out the Aggies at the knees as they should have. I predicted that USU would be an improved team in 2010...looks like I was right. Now they have to win.

Failing Grade

Hawaii Rainbow Warriors
Hawaii can run with anyone on offense. Defense is a different story. Again, if anyone had played D with the vigor of the offense, than an upset was in the cards. Hawaii will have to win shootouts all season long.

San Jose State
We saw this coming...didn't we? This program is in shambles.

Week 2 Schedule
Hawaii (0-1) at Army (1-0)
San Jose State (0-1) at Wisconsin (1-0)
Idaho (1-0) at Nebraska (1-0)
Louisiana Tech (1-0) at Texas A&M (1-0)
San Diego State (1-0) at New Mexico State (0-0)
Idaho State (1-0) at Utah State (1-0)
Colorado State (0-1) at Nevada (1-0)
Boise State and Fresno State will be idle

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