Monday, September 27, 2010

SEC Review Week 4

Final Scores
Tennessee 32, UAB 29
Alabama 24, Arkansas 20
Mississippi State 24, Georgia 12
Florida 48, Kentucky 14
Ole Miss 55, Fresno State 38
Auburn 35, South Carolina 27
LSU 20, West Virginia 14

Taught a Master's Class
What a test this week was for the Tide. Even though Bama trailed for most of the game, I never felt as if they would really lose. Ryan Mallett gave them the game with some poor play, and this young defense got to claim a victory.

Mississippi State
The Bulldog defense has been rather good this season, giving the offense time to develop, and this week was no exception to that. Dan Mullen is doing a fine job in Starkville, and the results are a season or two away from booming.

The Gators were able to prove that they still belong at the top of the SEC east by routing Kentucky. The Couth Carolina loss also helped a great deal, and it didn't hurt that QB Trey Burton scored 6 times. It was the first time that an SEC player scored 6 times in a game since Cadillac Williams did it for Auburn in 2003.

Ole Miss
It wasn't always pretty against Fresno State, but this is a game that the Rebles should have lost. Go figure.

The Tigers won't always win when down by double digits, but it's working for them now. Cameron Newton has made this his team.

Didn't Learn Much
There is no question that West Virginia was a tough date, but if it weren't for Patrick Peterson, the Tigers would have been dead in the water at home. LSU keeps winning ugly, but ALabama is looking to take the top spot in the PRS away from the Bayou Bengals.

This Vols team is in trouble. The fact that they had problems dealing with UAB all day leads me to believe that the Vols won't be on any bowl invite lists.

Failing Grade
The Hogs had the Tide against the ropes, and they let them go, and Ryan Mallett's chances at a Heisman went right along with it. CHOKE!!!

Georgia will Mark Richt explain this one to the Bulldog faithful? Pack up the are all done.

And reality came crashing in. The Wildcats had not really won against top tier teams before the visit to Florida, so maybe their hot start was just a bit inflated. UK should have been able to push Florida, but they never got close to doing that.

South Carolina
I know that Stephen Garcia became his old chokiing self in this game, but wh on Earth would you yank him for true freshman Connor Shaw with the game on the line in the 4th quarter? Spurrier is losing it. What a waste of an amazing performance by WR Alshon Jeffery.

Week 5 Schedule
Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn
Vanderbilt at UConn
Alcorn State at Mississippi State
Kentucky at Ole Miss
Tennessee at LSU
Georgia at Colorado
Florida at Alabama

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