Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday Week 3 Preview Part 1-Wash the sheets and scrub the toilet, but don't worry about missing these "gems"

North Texas at Army
Vegas Line: Army -5.5
UNT lost their only shot at a win outside of Western Kentucky last weekend. Army needs to gut up and look like the team that they were supposed to be.
I pick: Army...This is the time for the Cadets to get themselves together. Lose this game, and you are toast.

Ball State at Purdue
Vegas Line: Purdue -16.5
Ball State fell to 1-AA Liberty. Enough said. As bad as Purdue has been, they are no where near the level of sewer rats that the Cardinals have become.
I pick: Purdue...this should be a no brainer.

Ohio at Ohio State
Vegas Line: Ohio State -30.5
Welcome to another Buckeye scrimage. I hope you didn't pay full price.
I pick: OSU

Northern Illinois at Illinois
Northern has been just north of garbage this season. Illinois is trying to save Ron Zook from a slow cooker.
I pick: Illinois...I love a good soup, but the cooker has got to wait another week.

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss
Vegas Line: Ole Miss -12
Ole Miss will not be able to wash the taste of Jacksonville State away for awhile, and Vandy has nothing to lose...but not much to gain either.
I pick: Ole Miss...this fixes nothing.

Colorado State at Miami (Oh)
Vegas Line: Miami (Oh) -8
Who sucks worse? I guess that we'll find out whether we want to or not.
I pick: Miami (Oh)...when was the last time Miami was favored like this?

Alabama at Duke
Vegas Line: Bama -24
Roll tide. Duke has no D....oh boy...
I pick: Bama Slama Dookie

Hawaii at Colorado
Vegas Line: Colorado -11
Hmmmmm....this is interesting in a boring kind of way. I don't buy this spread at all.
I pick: Hawaii...I don't smoke crack, and I never take Colorado by 11 points. Both are bad for you.

Arizona State at Wisconsin
Vegas Line: Wisconsin -14
Both are 2-0, but neither has been challenged. They are also two of the most underachieving teams in college football. ASU does not have a chance to go to Cam Randall and succeed.
I pick: Wisconsin will win but look bad doing so.

USC at Minnesota
Vegas Line: USC -12
SC  played a bad game last week and Kiffin is pissed...Minnesota lost to South Dakota. It's gopher hunting season...
I pick: more than 12. A lot more.

Troy at UAB
Vegas Line: Troy -3
When is UAB every really watchable...and who smoked dope and put the spread at 3?
I pick: Troy

Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan
Vegas Line: CMU -9
The Chippewas lost a heart breaker to Temple. Their heart should be made whole again this week.
I pick: CMU

Indiana at Western Kentucky
Vegas Line: Indiana -11.5
What's to love here? At least you may have some fun watching Bobby Rainey run around for his very life for WKU.
I pick: IU

Portland State at Oregon
Vegas Line: None
To quote Bryan Adams..."Do I have to say the words?"
I pick: Oregon...quack quack

Middle Tennessee at Memphis
Vegas Line: MTSU -4
The only thing that would make this game fun would be if Dwight Dasher were here to work some magic for the Blue Raiders. Too bad he misses 1 more game after this.
I pick: MTSU

Marshall at Bowling Green
Vegas Line: Marshall -3
I'd pick Marshall, but they'd probably blow it.
I pick: BG

Navy at Louisiana Tech
Vegas Line: Navy -3.5
Let's see who can do less yet dissapoint more...
I pick: What the hell...Navy can kick me in the balls one more time.

Northwestern at Rice
Vegas Line: NW -6.5
If this were a science bowl, I'd watch it. This isn't a science bowl?
I pick: NW

FIU at Texas A&M
Vegas Line: A&M -28.5
What's that bright light ahead? Why is it getting bigger?...In local news today, a Panther got hit by a freight train in College Station. Now here's to Jim with the gardening report...
I pick: A&M

Tulsa at Oklahoma State
Vegas Line: OSU -7
Can we just ban this in the future?
I pick: OSU

Furman at South Carolina
Vegas Line: None
See Lattimore run...see Lattimore score...see Lattimore rest to score some more.
I pick: SC

Akron at Kentucky
Vegas Line: UK -25
Is this supposed to be funny? I really don't see the humor in this matchup.
I pick: UK

Maine at Syracuse
Vegas Line: None
Nobody cares about this mess...
I pick: Syracuse

Utah at New Mexico
Vegas Line: Utah -22.5
You can guarantee that the Lobos will be unwaatchable all season long, and that Utah will rack up some points here.
I pick: Utah

Southern Utah at San Jose State
Vegas Line: None
Expect the unexpected...but don't bother looking for the televised version...
I pick: Southern Utah

UL-Monroe at Arkansas State
Vegas Line: ASU -4
I guess someone is going to win their first...
I pick: ASU...At least you can watch QB Ryan Alpin let loose for ASU.

Boise State at Wyoming
Vegas Line: Boise -23.5
Everyone is shutting down Boise's bid for the bigs. I think that it's just getting started.
I pick: Boise State

New Mexico State at UTEP
Vegas Line: UTEP -14.5
If a border war were fought with pillow guns, this would be it.
I pick: UTEP

Houston at UCLA
Vegas Line: Houston -3
Even the crickets in the trees outside of the Rose Bowl won't listen to Neuheisel's post game speech this week.
I pick: Houston

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