Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday Preview Week 3 Part 3- This is what we're waiting for!!!

East Carolina at Virginia Tech
Vegas Line: Tech -19.5
Think of this...ECU could be 3-0 and Tech could be 0-3 after this weekend. If the Pirates pull this off, Ruffin McNeill starts to climb my coach of the year standings.
I pick: ECU...Go big or go home

Nebraska at Washington
Vegas Line: Huskers -3
Both teams are trying to prove their relevnece on the national stage. One is closer than the other.
I pick: Nebraska

LSU at Mississippi State
Vegas Line: LSU -7.5
LSU would likely retain their #1 ranking with a win here, but MSU will keep this game nice and tight, putting a scare into the Tigers.
I pick: LSU

Clemson at Auburn
Vegas Line: Auburn -7.5
These SEC/ACC matches are usually entertaining, but Clemson is untested, while Auburn passed a big test against Mississippi State last week. Look for lots of action though.
I pick: Auburn

Notre Dame at Michigan State
Vegas Line: MSU -3.5
The Fighting Irish will try to keep the ball from the hands of Bell and Baker. If those two start chruning out yards, the Irish offense will be off of the field for long chunks and it will be hard to find a groove. This game will feature two dynamically different styles, making it very interesting indeed, rivalry aside.
I pick: MSU

Texas at Texas Tech
Vegas Line: Texas -3
There will be smoke and fire in Lubbock. War is here, and it lives in the Big 12 South, and this would be a signature win for Tommy Tubberville.
I pick: Tech

Iowa at Arizona
Vegas Line: Iowa -1.5
Iowa will try to grind it out on the ground to keep the ball away from the lightning quick Arizona offense. Arizona is going into a red out for Saturday night,a nd it will be noisy and hostile.
I pick: Arizona

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  1. Agree with you on ND but gotta stay true to the Fighting Irish and hope for some Irish luck here...