Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday Preview Week 3 Part 2- Don't quit drinking with your buddies, but stay sober enough to appreciate what's goin on

UConn at Temple
Vegas Line: UConn -6.5
These are two improving programs that are trying to put northeast football on the map. If you can DVR and watch it later, I think that you could do watch an epsidoe of Jersey'll never get those minutes of your life back, so choose wisely.
I pick: Temple...can't go away from the Owls at home. Sorry Huskies.

Iowa State at Kansas State
Vegas Line: None
One is a contender, one is a's time to seperate.
I pick: Kansas State...The Cats will be too much in the end.

Maryland at West Virginia
Vegas Line: WVU -10
A Maryland upset would take Friedgen off of the hot seat and put him back in legends mode. NOt gooing to hapen though.
I pick: WVU at home...simple as that.

Goergia Tech at North Carolina
Vegas Line: UNC 1.5
Two teams desperate to get back on track. If UNC gets ahead early, it'll b over, as Tech can't pass to come back.
I pick:'s them against the world.

Kent State at Penn State
Vegas Line: PSU -21
This is Kent's last chance for a major upset. Lose this game, and it's just another crappy season.
I pick: Penn State...crap it is.

UMass at Michigan
Vegas Line: None
This game may be closer than you think.
I pick: Michigan, but not in a big rout.

Arkansas at Georgia
Vegas Line: UGA -2
The Bulldogs have their backs up against the wall. They have to win this game.
I pick: UGA...desperate times

 Washington State at SMU
Vegas Line: SMU -23
The Cougars stayed neck and neck with the Mustangs last season and pulled out an amazing comeback win. Can they repeat that performance and start to save Paul Wulff from the firing squad?
I pick: SMU

Air Force at Oklahoma
Vegas Line: OU -17
OU should be quick enough to stop Tim Jefferson and Jared Tews, and should be good enough on offense to control the clock, but Air Force would love to make a game of it.
I pick: OU

BYU at Florida State
Vegas Line: FSU -10
Both teams are in desperate need of a bounce back.
I pick: FSU

Florida at Tennessee
Vegas Line: Florida -14
This game would have been in the highest class in years past. Things change.
I pick: Florida

Baylor at TCU
Vegas Line: TCU -21
Baylor won't win, but they could push the Frogs a little in the first half.
I pick: TCU

Louisville at Oregon State
Vegas Line: OSU -19.5
Louisville would love to keep this game close going into the 4th. Idon't know if they can, but anything is possible, and we all know the story of the slow starting Beaver.
I pick: OSU

UCF at Buffalo
Vegas Line: UCF -8
This game is better than it looks, and both schools could have a decent jump on the season witha win here.
I pick: UCF..experience trumps all.

Toledo at Western Michigan
Vegas Line: WMU -3.5
Survival in the MAC depends on winning this game. Western has been sluggish at times, but Toledo has too.
I pick: Toledo, but anything could happen.

San Diego State at Missouri
Vegas Line: Mizzou -13.5
SDSU is hanging out in the top 35, but Missouri is pushing down the door. The Aztecs will not be intimidated, and the score may be close.
I pick: Mizzou...the Aztecs are not ready to win at the Big 12.

Fresno State at Utah State
Vegas Line: Fresno -5
Diondre Borel is a qualtiy player at USU and is fun to watch, but Fresno looks sharp again.
I pick: Fresno State

UNLV at Idaho
Vegas Line: None
The Rebels are looking for their first win under Bobby Hauck, and Idaho is vulnerbale coming off of an ugly loss to Nebraska.
I pick: Idaho...Nathan Enderle figures it out.

Wake Forest at Stanford
Vegas Line: Stanford -17
It's going to be 11Pm on the east coast when this kicks off. Stanford will be challenged, but the late hours work against the Deacons.
I pick: Stanford

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