Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saturday Preview-Round 1

Don't ditch your quilting group to watch these games Saturday...

Memphis (0-1) at East Carolina (1-0)
If you saw Memphis get blasted by Mississippi State last week, and then watched ECU win a shootout with Tulsa, then you know why this game will be unwatchable. Memphis will lose their CUSA opener, as they will have no answer for ECU QB Dominique Davis.
Vegas Line: ECU -13.5
I pick straight up: ECU
I pick against the points: ECU

Gardner-Webb (1-0) at Akron (0-1)
Akron looked absolutley horrid last week against Syracuse at home, but if you can't blast the 1-AA Bulldogs, than you may as well just shut it down 2 games in. This game is a non event.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Akron

Texas Southern (0-1) at UConn (0-1)
This is a perfect bounce back game for the Huskies, as they got blasted out of the Big House in Ann Arbor last weekend. Texas Southern is the perfect patsy for this week.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: UConn

Indiana State (1-0) at Cincinnati (0-1)
Good news is that ISU won a game last weekend. Bad news is that it came against St. Joseph's College of Indiana. Worse news is that Cincy needs some guts to gnaw on and they will belong to ISU.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Cincy

San Jose State (0-1) at Wisconsin (1-0)
Wisconsin needs a good scrimage to iron out some of their offensive issues that they had against UNLV Saturday night...oh wait...this is a real game...never mind.
Vegas Line: Wisconsin -38
I pick straight up: UW
I pick against the spread: UW

Western Illinois (1-0) at Purdue (0-1)
The Boilermakers showed no offensive life against Notre Dame last weekend. Western is in my 1-AA top 25. The Boilers really need to take WIU seriously, or else we can all see the Leathernecks become this week's Jacksonville State. Purdue should not let it get that close.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Purdue

Illinois State (1-0) at Northwestern (1-0)
Illinois State left their D in the locker room against my favorite D2 team, Central Missouri, as ISU blew a 28-12 lead to sueak out a 55-54 barn burner. Northwestern should never let ISU close enought to become a threat, and they need to get their offense together after letting Vandy make things too close for comfort last weekend.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Northwestern

South Dakota (0-1) at Minnesota (1-0)
The Gophers won a hard fought battle at Middle Tennessee last weekend, while USD got blasted by Central Florida on the road. Conventional wisdom states that Minnesota should grind the Coyotes down with their ground game, but conventional memory remembers Minnesota's loss to North Dakota State a few years back. Minnesota had better not sleep at the wheel.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Minnesota

Georgia Tech (1-0) at Kansas (0-1)
Speaking of 1-A teams losing to NDSU....Kansas!!!! The Jayhawks looked like refried shit against the Bison last weekend. Tech didn't blow me away with their performance over MEAC member SC State last weekend, but Kansas is playing like a Convent All Statr Nun team right now. It doesn't matter who plays QB...unless Turner Gill finds himself some eligibility...Kansas will suck again.
Vegas Line: Tech -14
I pick straight up: Tech
I pick against the spread: Tech

James Madison (1-0) at Virginia tech (1-0)
Tech wants to kick some ass on someone after they let a win against Boise State slip away Monday night. JMU is a perfect candidate. No disrespect to the Dukes here, but this is the wrong week to hope for mercy.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Tech

Eastern Michigan (0-1) at Miami (Oh) (0-1)
Nothing says good times like a couple of MAC bottom feeders.
Vegas Line: Miami -16
I pick straight up: Miami
I pick against the spread: Miami

Arkansas State (0-1) at Louisiana-Lafayette (0-1)
Sun Belt opener for both teams. ASU moved the ball well against Auburn, while ULL looked like they didn't even know that there was a ball on the field against Georgia.
Vegas Line: ULL -2
I pick straight up: ASU
I pick against the spread: ASU...How the hell are the Cajun's favored here?

Georgia Southern (1-0) at Navy (0-1)
Navy struggled badly against Maryland on Monday. You know how hard they got worked this week. Mistakes will be improved upon this week. Middies get back on track.
Vegas Line: None
I pick straight up: Navy

Eastern Kentucky (0-1) at Louisville (0-1)
These 1-AA/1-A matches are getting tired now.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: Louisville

Prebyterian (0-1) at Clemson (1-0)
PC has a death wish, scheduling their 2nd ACC opponent in as many games. Clemson is the 2nd pansy in the ACC that was gutless enough to schedule the Blue Hose.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: Clemson

UNLV (0-1) at Utah (1-0)
The Rebels proved that they have no offense at all last weekend. Utah proved that they are one of the best teams in the country. That's bad math for the Runless Rebels.
Vegas Line: Utah -22
I pick SU: Utah
I pick Sprd: Utah

Morgan State (1-0) at Maryland (1-0)
Who scheduled this shitfest? I hope that admission is free.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: Maryland

Tennessee Tech (0-1) at TCU (1-0)
Why play this game? It just discredits how good TCU is by playing crap like this. Worthless game this week, and it hurts them in the poll.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: TCU

Prairie View (1-0) at Southern Mississippi (0-1)
Are we supposed to think that the Eagles are back on track if they win big this week. Stop insulting us with these meaningless games. Southern Miss could win by 80 and you still shouldn't be proud about it.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: USM

Rice (0-1) at North Texas (0-1)
This may be the only shot for either team to win a game all season. This is a true toilet bowl.
Vegas Line: UNT -2.5
I pick SU: Rice
I pick SPRD: Rice

Nicholls State (0-1) at Western Michigan (1-0)
I'm a football junky, and I don't even care about this.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: WMU

Toledo (0-1) at Ohio (1-0)
Ohio is not as good as Arizona, but if the Rockets could only score 2 points at home on a gimme, than how will they do better on the road against Ohio?
Vegas Line: Ohio -7.5
I pick SU: Ohio
I pick SPRD: Ohio

North Dakota (0-1) at Northern Illinois
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: NIU

Liberty (1-0) at Ball State (0-1)
Again...really? The only thing that makes this slightly intriguing is that Liberty does have an outside chance to knock of the miserable Cardinals, not that I think that they will.
I pick SU: Ball State

Austin Peay (1-0) at Middle Tennessee (0-1)
APSU prepared by beating up on Cumberland last weekend. Wow.
I pick SU: MTSU

Louisiana Tech (1-0) at Texas A&M (1-0)
Tech barely got by Grambling last week. How in the hell do they think that they will have the remotest shot at a win in College Station this week?
Vegas Line: A&M -19
I pick SU: A&M
I pick SPRD: A&M

Wyoming (0-1) at Texas (1-0)
Wyoming barely scraped by Southern Utah last week, and then lost LB Robert Narcisse, who was killed in a car crash a couple of days later. I feel sorry for the Cowboys, but not as sorry as I am going to feel for them after they get crushed like a cheap tin can this weekend.
Vegas Line: Texas -28.5
I pick SU: UT
I pick SPRD: WYO...UT was not properly amped last weekend against Rice, so I am going the other way, even though I expect Texas to win.

McNeese State (1-0) at Missouri (1-0)
Missouir struggled againt Illinois last weekend. Please tell me that they weren;t looking ahead to the Cowboys this week.
Vegas Line: None
I pick SU: Mizzou

Montana State (1-0) at Washington State (0-1)
Don't look now Cougar fans...I am not sure that you can keep up with the MSU Bobcats this week. God WSU sucks.
I pick: Montana State

Louisiana-Monroe (0-0) at Arkansas (1-0)
The WarHawks get their first loss...I mean game...of the season.
Vegas Line: Arkansas -34
I pick SU: Arkansas
I pick SPRD: Arkansas

Missouri State (1-0) at Kansas State (1-0)
I have never respected Bill Snnyder, as he has built K State on games like this. What a joke.
I pick: KSU

Southern Illinois (1-0) at Illinois (0-1)
Another 1-AA upset candidate is SIU. If Zook gets upset, he had better pack his bags.
I pick: Illinois

Western Kentucky (0-1) at Kentucky (1-0)
You may as well view this like a 1-A/1-AA clash. Western does not belong on the 1-A level.
Vegas Line: UK -24.5
I pick SU: UK
I pick SPRD: UK

UAB (0-1) at SMU (0-1)
I fully expect this CUSA opener for both schools to resemble Godzilla vs. the baby seal, starring SMU as Godzilla.
Vegas Line: SMU -12.5
I pick SU: SMU
I pick SPRD: SMU

Rutgers (1-0) at FIU (0-0
I just don't respect Rutgers at all. FIU was overrated coming into the fall, so they should fall, but it won't be a rout. These are just two very uninteresting programs.
Vegas Line: Rutgers -19.5
I pick SU: Rutgers
I pick SPRD: FIU...Rutgers only led Norfolk State 6-0 at the half last weekend at home.

Idaho State (1-0) at Utah State (0-1)
If USU is able to run off of the adrenaline that they created last weekend, than they should crush the Bengals.
I pick: USU

San Diego State at New Mexico State
SDSU should have way too much offense for the no offense Aggies to keep it remotely close.
Vegas Line: SDSU -13
I pick SU: SDSU

Texas Tech (1-0) at New Mexico (0-1)
UNM lost to Oregon do the math...
Vegas Line: Tech -24
I pick SU: Tech
I pick SPRD: Tech

Ole Miss (0-1) at Tulane (1-0)
A team that lost at home to a 1-AA against a team that should have. Crap.
Vegas Line: Ole Miss -20
I pick SU: Ole Miss
I pick SPRD: Ole Miss

Northern Arizona (1-0) at Arizona State (1-0)
ASU's 2nd consecutive game against a 1-AA to open the season. Extreme shame.
I pick: ASU

Citadel (1-0) at Arizona (1-0)
Why play this game? This just violates the spirit of the 12th game on the schedule.
I pick: Arizona

Colorado State (0-1) at Nevada (1-0)
CSU upset Nevada last season, but it won't be close at Mackay this season.
Vegas Line: Nevada -23.5
I pick SU: Nevada
I pick SPRD: Nevada

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