Monday, September 27, 2010

PAC 10 Review Week 4

Final Scores
USC 50, Washington State 16
Stanford 37, Notre Dame 14
UCLA 34, Texas 12
Boise State 37, Oregon State 24
Arizona 10, California 9
Oregon 42, Arizona State 31

Taught a Master's Class
The Trojans had been stumbling their way through the schedule, and WSU was the medicine that they needed to cure the problem. Nothing fills a hunger like a good grilled Cougar.

Jim Harbaugh is building a power in Palo Alto. We thought that the offense would be missing something without Toby Gerhart and his 8 million yards. We were wrong. The Cardinal is better this year and has found a way to make it work with a committee in the backfield, where every back has a different talent to contribute. Notre Dame is way down right now, but that does not take away how good Stanford is.

Who the hell are these guys? Left for dead after week 2, the Bruins have knocked off two ranked teams in a row, and they conquered Austin for the second time in as many tries in the last two decades. A visit by Washington State should make 3 in a row.

Didn't Learn Much
Don't get me wrong...the Cats can still take this conference, but Cal is not very good, and they should not have been able to play Arizona this closely this weekend. This should be a minor glitch in what will be a war for the conference crown.

Arizona State kept on trying to give the Ducks the game, but Oregon insisted on fighting for it. The Ducks had all sorts of defensive lapses, and they were playing against themselves at times. Maybe they were looking ahead to Stanford.

Failing Grade
Oregon State
The Beavers are extremely predictable. They struggle at the beginning and get hot at the end. Without good QB play, it'll be harder to get on that hot streak. This may not be the Beaver's season.

Washington State
The Cougars are probably just wishing that the season could end now. It's not going to get any better than this.

Finally, some Cal fans are starting to complain about Jeff Tedford. This guy has been the most overrated coach in the conference for years now. The Bears are slipping fast, and it may be time to consider a different path.

Arizona State
This is where the train skips the tracks and speeds straight into oblivion. ASU can hang, but cannot win the big games, and it may be time to dump Dennis Erickson.

Week 5 Schedule
Washington State at UCLA
Arizona State at Oregon State
Stanford at Oregon
Washington at USC

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