Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ole Miss-Masoli Update

Jeremiah Masoli has been foiled again. Instead of the law bringing him down, NCAA rules have hung him out. He transferred to Ole Miss from Oregon because he couldn't say nope to dope, nor could he keep his hands to himself and leave property that doesn't belong to him alone. These things seem like simple kindergarten theories, do they not?
he moved on to Ole Miss under the pretence that he already had his bachelors degree (In tree bark studies or something like that) and he was to enroll in Masters studies upon arriving in Oxford. apparently the choice of studies (herb cultivation, or something of that nature) didn't exactly fall under the NCAA rule that would have allowed him to play at Ole Miss. As a matter of fact, the NCAA never cleared Masoli at all, even though he has been practicing with the team since his arrival.
He has now been declared ineligible, and Ole Miss is back in QB oblivion. The Rebels have now lost 3 QBs since the end of last season, and Masoli never saw the field. Great job you've gone and ruined 2 teams this season.

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