Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just a few things for this week:

1. Mark Ingram will miss the Penn State game for Alabama...the knee still sucks.

2. Jeremiah Masoli is the starter for Ole Miss officially in his on again off again journey. Can anyone actually explain the rule affecting his status...sounds like greased palms to me.

3. We finally get some big time games this weekend, with Ohio State-Miami, Florida State-Oklahoma, Michigan-Notre Dame, and Alabama-Penn State. That's a pretty nice menu.

4. UNC is on a bye week, and still stewing over the fact that even more suspensions can come down from the NCAA. DT Marvin Austin should just be considered done for the year.

5. Georgia WR AJ Green is not back this week, as I had originally thought that he would be. He is out for a total of 4 games by NCAA mandate because of his connections with agents. I think that the punishment falls far flat compared with what the NCAA did to Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State last season for similar violations.

6. Lots of coaches going on my hot seat/dead pool lists this week. Hot seat belongs to coaches that are on the verge of being pressured, while the dead pool belongs to coaches who should just pack their bags now. See the complete list next Monday, and it will be updated every week after that.

7. One coach getting out of the dead pool for a week is Ralph Friedgen of Maryland. How the hell did he stop Ricky Dibbs and Navy?

8. My D2 team of the year is Central Missour. Get regular updates on the Mules on this site. HC Jim Sveboda is the former OC at UCLA...the guy that Karl Duh-rell fired by text message. Coach Sveboda is a class guy and has his team playing amazingly well after coming within a point of upsetting 1-AA Illinois State last week. Go Mules!!!

9. After last weekend's dull fest for the most part, Boise State-VA. Tech had all of the feel of a major bowl game. ONe of the best games that I have seen in a long time. I love Boise State, and I even love the blue negative note on the game though...what the fuck was with those awful uniforms that both teams sported. It looked like the future, the Wizard of Oz, and a comic book all puked on my TV set. Nike...YOU SUCK!!!

10. Speaking of blue turf, Eastern Washington installed new synthetic turf this off season, and it's red. That's correct folks, the Cheyney based school and Big Sky member will be playing on red turf in 2010, and I love it!!!

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