Friday, September 24, 2010

Jacksonville-Davidson Preview

Jacksonville Dolphins Passing: Josh McGregor is 16th in the nation in passing efficiency (1-AA). He has passed for 807 yards with a TD/Pick ratio of 7-2. He is coming off of a very solid game against Webber International where he passed for 327 yards and three scores.
Davidson Wildcats Passing: Jonathon Carkhoff is the 9th best passer in the PFL, with just over 100 yards passing per game.


JU Rushing: Rudel Small is a Walter Payton award candidate. He ranks 2nd in the PFL in rushing yardage at  yards per game. He is the primary back.
Davidson: Kenny Mantuo rates just ahead of Small by just over 8 yards per game. Davidson is primarily a rushing team, and he looks to have a bulk of the offense go through him. He saved Davidson from certain death at the hands of Campbell last week.


JU Receiving: 3 Dolphins are in the PFL top ten in receiving yards (Joshua Philpart, JJ Laster, and Rodney Sumter).
Davidson Receiving: The Wildcats are not known for their passing, and do not have a receiver in the PFL top 10.


JU Defense: This is a problem area, as JU allows 257 yards per game passing and another 177 yards per game on the ground. The ground area will be the biggest concern when facing Davidson's rushing attack.
Davidson: The Wildcats have the best passing D in the league, which could be problematic for McGregor. JU will have to spread the field and keep the Cats from bunching up the receivers into heavy coverage areas. Small can find some opportunities as the Cats fall 5th in the PFL in rush defense.

OVERALL EDGE...JU Dolphins...This game will be close, but JU has played against tougher opponents in ODU, and App. State. Davidson did fall to Georgetown, who has been ranked in the PRS top 35 all season, but they also lost to Lenoir-Rhyne, and barely escaped Campbell last week. The loss to L-R was by 28 points.

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