Monday, September 27, 2010

Conference USA Review Week 4

Final Scores
TCU 41, SMU 24
Tennessee 32, UAB 29
Kansas State 17, UCF 13
Houston 42, Tulane 23
Tulsa 41, Central Arkansas 14
Marshall 24, Ohio 23
Southern Mississippi 13, Louisiana Tech 12
Baylor 30, Rice 13
UTEP 16, Memphis 13

Taught a Master's Class
The Cougars can feel a lot better about Terrence Broadway as their starting QB after Saturday. Houston may not be a BCS buster anymore, but they are still a threat in CUSA.

I flet like the Golden Canes could go to sleep at the wheel and drop a shocker to the Bears last Saturday, but they got up for this game against a very solid 1-AA club. Now they have to repeat this as they get deeper into conference play.

Didn't Learn Much
Once again, the Herd almost let one get away. You have to learn how to win, but it shouldn't give your fan base a corinary every week.

Southern Miss
The Eagles should have shredded Tech after what they did to Kansas a week earlier. It seems like someone was a little too full of themselves after that win, and now they have become divas.

Needed a late FG to take out Memphis. Either memphis is getting better, or UTEP lacks focus, or both.

Failing Grade
The Mustangs gave TCU headaches for the entire first half, and then could not keep up the tempo in the second half. There is still much work to be done in Dallas for June Jones and co.

Tennessee was vulnerable and their throats were exposed. UAB is desperate for a signature win like this and it was theirs for the taking. You just can't give opportunities away.

Maybe the weather got in the way in Manhatten on Saturday, but one has to think that the Knights wouldn't have kept it that close otherwise. Not to mention they gave the game away in the end. Oh well.

I think that we have seen all that we need to see in the Bob Toledo era at Tulane. This team is a sinking ship and getting worse every week.

I think that we have also seen all that we need to see of David Bailiff at Rice. How bad does it really have to get before you realize that you hired the wrong guy to lead your program?

Yes, the Tigers lost a game that they should have won, but maybe we are starting to feel a pulse from the Tigers. You still cannot afford to give games away, as Memphis did on Saturday.

Week 5 Schedule
Tulane at Rutgers
East Carolina at North Carolina
UTEP at New Mexico
Tulsa at Memphis
SMU at Rice
Marshall at Southern Miss

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