Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coaches swimming in the Dead Pool

The following are coaches who should be packing up their office the first chance they get...

Dan Hawkins, Colorado
With the Buffaloes going into PAC-12 play next season, it had to be horrifying to see the showing in Berkely last weekend. That one game may tell the tale as to when Colorado pulls the trigger.

Neil Calloway, UAB
This just hasn't worked out for the Blazers, and it's unhealthy to drag it out at this point.

Mike Locksley, New Mexico
If you have any reason as to why this guy should still be at UNM next season, please let me know.

Todd Dodge, North Texas
It looks pretty bad in Denton for Dodge. He was to win at least 6 games, and the hopes of doing that look grim at best.

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