Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool-Volume 2

These coaches are in over their heads, and it's too late to come up for air. Their career is swimming in the dead pool. Get on your goggles and let's take a dip...

1. Stan Parrish-Ball State
This is one of my all time favorite worst hires. This poor bastard has always wound up in some football graveyards, and Muncie certainly qulaifies. It just speaks to how good a coach Brady Hoke was that he won there. Parrish is just not going to get it done, and so will soon be gone.

2. Bill Cubit-Western Michigan
I will start the buzz here. Unfortunately, the last two seasons have been all that I need to see to know that Cubit has let it get past him at WMU. I don't see improvement happening, and this was supposed to be the year to challenge Central Michigan in the MAC. Not happening.

3. Mike Locksley-New Mexico
This may be the worst hire of all time. I really mean it and I have been watching this game for 30 years. John Mackovic at both Arizona and Texas is close, but Locksley may be the worst. What a wreck Lobo football has become.

4. Steve Fairchild-Colorado State
I have tried to be fair to this guy, but what the hell is he doing in Fort Collins? This program has gotten progressively worse every season, and even went winless in the MWC, which meant that he lost to freaking New Mexico! Seriously!

5. Paul Wulff-Washington State
This should have been a nice hire for the Cougars. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. This program just sinks deeper into the depths of shitsville every week. There is no saving this mess.Oh, and they should have lost to Montana State, too.

6. Todd Dodge-North Texas
It's over...and we all know it. there is already public speculation as to who may take over. Mike Leach anyone?

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