Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coaches on the Hot Seat

These coaches may not get fired this season, but their asses are feeling some heat:

Ralph Friedgen, Maryland
It looks like Friedgen is finding a way to slide off of this lst for the time being, but if the season starts sliding the other way...

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
Beamer isn't really going anywhere, but Tech fans do not approve of losing to teams such as James Madison. You can still turn this ship around, but you had better do it first, or people you have never met before will start handing you handy retirement leaflets.

Butch Davis, North Carolina
If he season falls apart, and if more damning issues arise from an NCAA investigation, than Davis will fall right into the Dead Pool.

Tim Brewster, Minnesota
Brewster had better turn this ship around and fast, or else he slips into the Dead Pool  a month from now, if it takes that long.

Ron Zook, Illinois
This is a make or break year for Zook, and he opening loss to Mizzou didn't help.

Danny Hope, Purdue
This is not what people were expecting to get when Joe Tiller walked away. Things have not improved in West Lafayette, and fans are going to start demanding results.

David Bailiff, Rice
If everything falls apart from this point on, expect major heat on Bailiff, who I have alwas found to be a bad fit for this program.

Bob Toledo, Tulane
He is a loss or two away from the Dead Pool, especially after that ugly win over SE Louisiana.

Mike Price, UTEP
Price is not getting it done in El Paso. His time is running low.

Stan Parrish, Ball State
The loss to Liberty didn't help.

Steve Fairchild, Colorado State
Progress is very slow, and even though people love him in Fort Collins, the patience has to be wearing thin.

Paul Wulff, Washington State
The comeback win over Montana State saved him from slipping into the abyss, but he'll be right back to it soon.

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA
Did he just forget how to coach? Where is all of the talent from these highly rated recruiting classes? Why is he holding onto Norm Chow so tightly?

Mark Richt, Georgia
The Bulldogs have become the Cal of the Southeast. How many years has it been "their year"?

Ricky Bustle, Louisiana-Lafayette
Bustle has a terrible record, and a go nowhere team. It can;t be long until he gets a bayou swan song.

Mario Cristobal, FIU
Still looking for improvement of one of college football's worst programs.

Steve Roberts, Arkansas State
Consistency has been the issue...there is none.

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  1. For UCLA...Norm Chow should be "Ciao" SEE YA!