Thursday, September 2, 2010

BYU Update-Liberty or Death!!!

It's finally official. BYU has declared their independence from the MWC and every other conference in football, basically because outside of the MWC, nobody wanted to play their religious reindeer games.
This is ridiculous in reality. BYU has a ton to add to any major conference in America, and should have been invited to the PAC 12 over Colorado, as they add more depth athletically, and probably academically too. It was BYU's religious affiliation that held them out of an invite, but a move for independence does not bode well.
BYU thinks that they can compte with the likes of Notre Dame on TV...wrong. They think that they will get more exposure on their BYU network and all of its' high def gadgets...wrong. They think that they look genius in cracking an 8 year deal with ESPN, where ESPN can pick and choose which home games that they want to air...wrong again. They think that they struck gold by getting an invite in all other sports to the West Coast Conference...super wrong, as swimming and softball are not offered by the WCC, sonow you have to find homes for those sports.
I am predicting that BYU will basically reflect on this day 5 years from now and will wonder what crack got smoked in making this call.

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