Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Ten Review Week 4

Final Scores
Wisconsin 70, Austin Peay 3
Toledo 31, Purdue 20
Northwestern 30, Central Michigan 25
Michigan State 45, Northern Colorado 7
Michigan 65, Bowling Green 21
Iowa 45, Ball State 0
Penn State 22, Temple 13
Ohio State 73, Eastern Michigan 20
Indiana 35, Akron 20
Northern Illinois 34, Minnesota 23

Taught a Master's Class
You should beat Austin Peay by at least 67 points when you're Wisconsin. I call for a public campaign to never allow this sort of scheduling to happen ever again.

Michigan State
This was the perfect week to play the Bears for MSU. Mark Dantonio's absence due to his heart attack got his team fired up to play for him as he watched from home. Dantonio should still be out 3 more weeks at the very least before returning.

The big scare was averted when Denard Robinson's knee turned out to be ok after he got banged up. He put together an entire game's stat sheet in just 9:00 minutes of action.

The Hawkeyes got a huge bounce back against the joke that is Ball State football.

Ohio State
The Buckeyes will not let up on the throttle for anyone, and nor should they. This was just another message being sent by a team that is serious about a national title now, rather than later.

Like most recent seasons, the Hoosiers have handled their non conference slate with ease. Now comes the conference slate, where the slop always gets slippery.

Didn't Learn Much
The Wildcats struggled against a Chippewa team that wouldn't lay down and die. The good news is that the Wildcats didn't buckle to the threat. This could end up being a very special season in Evanston, but it's time to crank up the effort meter.

Penn State
Al Golden showed why he will be the perfect choice to replace Joe Paterno at Penn State. The Lions were lucky that Bernard Pierce twisted his ankle, or else they very well could have lost to the Owls for the first time since 1941.

Failing Grade
You can blame injuries all you want to, but at some point someone else has got to step up, and nobody is doing that. You also have to wonder about the effectiveness of the staff's recruiting efforts if the roster is so thin that the loss of 3 players on offense kills your game.

The Gophers got beat by a team that only scraped by North Dakota by 6 points, and got trashed by Iowa State. Tim Brewster has just seen his job go out the window.

Week 5 Schedule
Ohio State at Illinois
Northwestern at Minnesota
Wisconsin at Michigan State
Michigan at Indiana
Penn State at Iowa

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