Monday, September 27, 2010

Big East Review Week 4

Final Scores
Miami 31, Pittsburgh 3
UConn 45, Buffalo 21
Syracuse 42, Colgate 7
North Carolina 17, Rutgers 13
Oklahoma 31, Cincinnati 29
South Florida 24, Western Kentucky 12
LSU 20, West Virginia 14

Taught a Master's Class
The Huskies dominated in the second half to pull away from Buffalo. The Huskies won without Jordan Todman, who was out with injury, and they got excellent production from QB Cody Endres and Robbie Frey.

It's hard for me to place the Orangemen in this group, as they played against a mid tier team from the Patriot League. There is nothing exceptional about back to back out of classification wins.

Dind't Learn Much
South Florida
This was the best that the Bulls could do against a team that almost everyone else had completely dismantled? There may be some problems under the surface in Tampa.

Failing Grade
The apocolypse has come in Pittsburgh, as due to lack of quality QB play, Dion Lewis has been turned into a 6th grade caliber RB. This is awful! And what happened to the D?

The Scarlet Knights got a ton of press before the season began, but I never drank in. Glad I didn't, as Rutgers can't seem to score.

A lead candidate for disappointment of the season. The Bearcats have gotten into huge holes every week with the exception of the Indiana State game. This is a problem, and if they can't fix the problem in Big Least play, than we have to start to wonder what's going wrong. Brian Kelly hardly left the cupboard bare.

West Virginia
WVU basically got beaten by Patrick man did you in...oh, one man and a defense. This offense is not good.

Week 5 Schedule
Vanderbilt at UConn
Tulane at Rutgers
FIU at Pittsburgh
Louisville at Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic at South Florida

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