Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big East Review Week 3

Final Scores
NC State 30, Cincinnati 19
Temple 30, UConn 16
West Virginia 31, Maryland 17
Oregon State 35, Louisville 28
Syracuse 38, Maine 14
South Florida, Rutgers, and Pitt were all idle

Taught a Master's Class
West Virginia Mountaineers
The Mountaineers jumped up 28-0, and then threw on the auto pilot against Maryland. this game could have been far worse than it was.

Didn't Learn Much
Syracuse Orangemen
Cuse actually trailed the Black Bears in the second quarter and were really being challenged up until halftime. Afert a solid ass chewing occurred in the locker room, the Orangmen came on with a slight vengence, and they blew Maine away in the final two quarters. You should not struggle against Maine.

Failing Grade
Cincinnati Bearcats
So much for me propping the Bearcats back during camp. The Cats have lost all of the energy and magic that Brian Kelly had built up. Cincy was never in the game against NC State. This is one of my most disappointing teams for 2010.

UConn Huskies
The Huskies should not be 1-2 at this point, but they are. They are not playing solid defense, and games are getting away from them. It's time for Randy Edsell to get this thing cranking.

Louisville Cardinals
Louisville could actually be graded one place up. They are rebuilding, but they need a quality win to come soon. The Cardinals harrassed the Beavers all day on Saturday, but it just was not enough.

Week 4 Schedule
Miami (1-1) at Pittsburgh (1-1)...Thursday
North Carolina (0-2) at Rutgers (2-0)
Buffalo (1-2) at UConn (1-2)
Oklahoma (3-0) at Cincinnati (1-2)
Colgate (1-1) at Syracuse (2-1)
Western Kentucky (0-3) at  South Florida (1-1)
West Virginia (3-0) at LSU (3-0)
Louisville is idle

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