Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big 12 Review Week 3

Final Scores
Southern Mississippi 31, Kansas 16
Kansas State 27, Iowa State 20
Oklahoma 27, Air Force 24
Colorado 31, Hawaii 13
Nebraska 56, Washington 21
TCU 45, Baylor 10
Texas A&M 27, FIU 20
Oklahoma State 65, Tulsa 28
Missouri 27, San Diego State 24
Texas 24, Texas Tech 14

Taught a Master's Class
Kansas State Wildcats
Iowa State promised to bring everything they had to win this game. Daniel Thomas made sure that the Cats had all of the ammo that they'd need to win their Big 12 opener. Thomas rushed for 181 yards and 2 scores, and trhe defense made Arnaud Robinson a non factor.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
The Huskers dismantled Wasshington in Seattle. There's nothing like a full silent stadium on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Frshman Taylor Martinez was the story of the day again for the Huskers, as he passed for 150 yards on 7 of 11 passing, and he rushed 19 times for 137 yards, including an 80 yard run. The Blackshirt defense was awesome as well, as they just beat the hell out of Jake Locker.

Oklahoma State Cowboys
Nobody could have stopped OSU from winning this week, as they posted 722 yards on the day, including 409 yards passing from Brandon Weeden. These numbers were incredibly impressive, but can you play some defense? OSU gave up 428 yards to Tulsa. It obviously didn't matter.

Didn't Learn Much
Oklahoma Sooners
The Sooners are just bipolar. They cannot decide if they are a dominant team, or if they are the kind of team that squeaks by against teams like Utah State and Air Force in Norman. The Sooners have too much talent to be this up and down. DeMarcoMurray rushed for 2 scores and caught another.

Colorado Buffaloes
Talk about an identity crisis. The Buffaloes were down 10-0 in this game. They then came storming back to crush Hawaii in the second half. Who are the Buffaloes, and how long will it be before we see the next ulitmate collapse like the one the transpired at Cal?

Texas A&M Aggies
How is it that A&M had to rally from a 20-6 deficit in the 4th quarter? You played FIU for the love of God. Have the Aggies forgotten who they are? Have they forgotten their place in the College Football hierarchy? Or are they just really that mediocre that they have to fear games against Sun Belt schools, especially the bad ones?

Missouri Tigers
The Tigers have had their share off off field drama, but we are truly living in a new world when San Diego State can walk into Columbia and almost steal a win. Missouri has got to get it together, or else they can just hand Nebraska the Big 12 North right now.

Texas Longhorns
Good news first...the Horns held Tech to 14 points, which is a fine accomplishment. Now, the bad news. Your offense is garbage. Garrett Gilbert can't hit the broad side of a barn from 5 feet, and he is more interception prone than a 6 year old trying to pass against the Baltomore Ravens D from their Super Bowl season. Gilbert threw 3 picks, and the Horns had 4 turnovers on the day. Your defense is not going to win every game for you. Know it.

Failing Grade
Kansas Jayhawks
The poster children for the enigmatic state were at it again. Who are they and what kind of team are they supposed to be? Think of it like this...loss to North Dakota State....beat Georgia Tech...loss to Southern Mississippi. It makes no sense to me.

Iowa State Cyclone
When you have a really awesome bike, you need both wheels to work. The Cyclones have been a unicycle lately in losses to Kansas State and Iowa, as Arnaud has been visably crappy.

Texas Tech Red Raiders
There was an audible thud coming from Lubbock Saturday evening. The Longhorns were vulnerable, and Mack Brown was only 3-3 againt them. The Raiders could never find a way to capitilize off of the many Texas mistakes, and the offense was still on the bus.

Baylor Bears
The Bears had a shot to at least challenge TCU, but they were never in the game. This was the first really solid competition that the Bears have faced this season, and it showed, as they collpased like a cheap dojo in a stiff wind.

Week 4 Schedule
Oklahoma (3-0) at Cincinnati (1-2)
UCF (2-1) at Kansas State (3-0)
Miami (Ohio) (2-1) at Missouri (3-0)
UCLA (1-2) at Texas (3-0)
Northern Iowa (1-1) at Iowa State (1-2)
South Dakota State (1-1) at Nebraska (3-0)
New Mexico State (0-2) at Kansas (1-2)
Baylor (2-1) at Rice (1-2)
IDLE: Colorado, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech

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