Sunday, September 5, 2010

Big 12 Review Week 1

Final Scores Week 1
Texas Tech 35, SMU 27
Iowa State 27, Northern Illinois 10
Missouri 23, Illinois 13
Colorado 24, Colorado State 3
Texas 34, Rice 17
Kansas State 31, UCLA 22
Oklahoma 31, Utah State 24
Baylor 34, Sam Houston State 3
Texas A&M 48, Stephen F. Austin 7
Oklahoma State 65, Washington State 17
Nebraska 49, Western Kentucky 10
North Dakota State 6, Kansas 3

Conducted a Master's Class

Iowa State Cyclones
One may think that I may have lost my mind, and that a 17 point win over a MAC school does not qualify, but the Cyclones easily could have lost this week, and with a loss would have seen all of their bowl hopes and dreams take flight into oblivion. Instead, the Cyclones came out and attacked both offensively and defensively and ground down the Huskies. The defense held NIU to just 3 first downs through the air, and allowed only 93 yards passing, while picking off three tosses. On offense, Alexander Robinson found the end zone twice, once on a 63 yard run, while Arnaud Robinson passed for 265 yards. The bad news was that Arnaud was also picked off twice. Sharpen up gets tougher.

Oklahoma State Cowboys
I really thought that the Cowboys would take an offensive hit this season, but Kendell Hunter found his balls again, and off went the Cowboys to Master Class. Hunter rushed for 257 yards and 4 scores this weekend, and the Cowboys absolutely crushed Washington State, which they should have done. OSU took a 38-10 lead to the half, and didn't let up like so many teams did this week. They outscored the Cougars 27-7 the rest of the way and coasted to a crushing win. Considered the gauntlet down.

Didn't Learn a Ton
Texas Tech Red Raiders
Tech had a 28-7 lead on SMU and only won by 8 in the end. That's just sloppy. If you don't put people away in the Big 12, you get put away yourself. Tech has got to have the killer instinct for 4 quarters, so it's back to work to keep from finding a way to potentially let victories slide away.

Missouri Tigers
The Tigers were asleep at the wheel for 3 quarters before coming back to beat a really crappy Illinois team in St. Louis. This should not have been this difficult, as all The Illini did all game was find ways to let Mizzou beat them. The offense has been the strong suit for the Tigers, but QB Blaine Gabbart looked stuck in the mud for over half of the game. It's one thing to think that you should coast to an easy win, but another to do it.
Colorado Buffaloes
Let's face it...nobody is jumping up and down and frothing at the mouth after a ho-hum 24-3 win over Colorado State on Saturday. It was methodical, it was solid, but it was boring. The defense was something to behold however, as they held the Rams to 245 yards and picked off Pete Thomas 3 times.
Texas Longhorns
The Horns used a big 2nd quarter blast to send the Owls packing, but this was not an impressive win for Texas. They basically did what they were supposed to do, but Rice is far from being as athletically talented as Texas. A 17 point win over the owls does not give me great confidence right now.
Kansas State Wildcats
Yes, Daniel Thomas and William Powell were rushing machines against punchless UCLA, but does Bill Snyder know that it is not 1916, and the forward pass is legal? UCLA held Carson Coffman to just 66 yards passing, but never could figure out a way to tackle a running back. If K State runs into a team that can actually tackle Thomas, than they will be fucked. That's my guarantee.
Baylor Bears
The good news is that Robert Griffin played and is healthy. He looked great and passed for 242 yards while rushing for 59 yards. That's huge. He also scored 3 times...again huge. What's not huge, is where is everyone else? The rest of the team counted for 13 points against the Bearcats. That's not a good sign of things to come.

Texas A&M Aggies
One may wonder how a person can criticize a 48-7 win. News flash...I can criticize almost anything.The Aggies dragged their ass through a lifeless first half, and only led the Lumberjacks 20-7 at the half. This is a Southland Conference 1-AA opponent. You are A&M. You should have blasted this team out of the state by the end of the first half. When did these Texas teams become such a bunch of pansies? At least Jarred Johnson and Christine Michael were sharp when it finally counted. The defense was solid too, but this was Stephen F. Austin.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
The Huskers rolled up Western Kentucky...big shock. That's what Nebraska is supposed to do to bottom feeders like WKU. What I find bothersome again is the lack of general dominance in the first half. Yes, WKU was held scoreless, but The Huskers had only collected a 21-0 lead. Taylor Martinez had a nice game as a freshman QB, but I am not jumping out of my seat at his numbers of 136 yards passing and 127 rushing, although the rushing number is much more impressive than the passing. The defense also got shelled by Bobby Rainey, who rushed for 155 yards on the Husker D. Miss Suh much?

Failing Grades

Oklahoma Sooners
The Sooners should have blasted Utah State early and called it a day. Instead, OU had to claw and fight just to scrap out a 7 point win over the Aggies at home. Diondre Borel passed for 341 yards and two scores on the Sooners. Thank God that they also picked Borel off three times, or else an upset would have been in the making. I knew that USU was improving, but this was not what I had in mind. Get back to practice and check yourselves Sooners.

Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas had just as many turnovers as points scored against North Dakota State. Turner Gill failed miserably in having his team ready to play, and in return he loses his KU debut to a barely passable 1-AA school that was playing D2 ball 5 years ago. Brilliant...fucking brilliant.

Next Week's Schedule
Georgia Tech (1-0) at Kansas (0-1)
Idaho (1-0) at Nebraska (1-0)
Iowa State (1-0) at Iowa (1-0)
Florida State (1-0) at Oklahoma (1-0)
Colorado (1-0) at California (1-0)
McNeese State (1-0) at Missouri (1-0)
Louisiana Tech (1-0) at Texas A&M (1-0)
Troy (1-0) at Oklahoma State (1-0)
Wyoming (1-0) at Texas (1-0)
Buffalo (1-0) at Baylor (1-0)
Missouri State (1-0) at Kansas State (1-0)
Texas Tech (1-0) at New Mexico (0-1)

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