Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ACC Review Week 1

Final Scores
Wake Forest 53, Presbyterian 13
Miami 45, Florida A&M 0
Florida State 59, Samford 6
Georgia Tech 41, South Carolina State 10
Boston College 38, Weber State 20
Clemson 35, North Texas 10
Virginia 34, Richmond 13
NC State 48, Western Carolina 7
Duke 41, Elon 27
LSU 30, North Carolina 24
Maryland 17, Navy 14
Boise State 33, Virginia Tech 30

Taught a Master's Class

Wake Forest Demon Deacons
The young Deacons plowed their way through their first test of the season in flying colors this week. It'll get much tougher from here on, but Wake doesn't look like a team that will be lost this year.

Miami Hurricanes
Tookcare of business in the first half, sat everyone down and coasted in the second while preserving the shutout. Now it's time to prepare for Ohio State at the Horseshoe.

Florida State
The Seminoles were pure dominance on Saturday. They too coasted early, and started looking ahead to a huge showdown with Oklahoma this week.

NC State Wolfpack
Another breezer from an ACC team. It seems that outside of Virginia Tech, it was illegal to play a real team in an opener. The pack had better enjoy this one.

Maryland Terrapins
I did not expect the Terps to be in this column at all this season. They did an amazing job of slowing down Navy's option attack, and held on for dear life at the end. The D held all everything Navy QB Ricky Dobbs to just 2.2 yards per carry, and he only scored once.

Didn't Learn Much

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Tech had a rough start against SC State, and did not dominate as they should have. They did score 6 times on the ground, but in the rare cases that they did pass the ball, Nesbit proved that he really isn't much good at it, which is what killed Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Boston College Golden Eagles
BC didn't blow Weber State out of the stadium, and the D gave up far too many yards (381 total) for my taste. The Eagles had better get it together, and quickly.

Clemson Tigers
The Tigers did cover the spread, but with a defense as bad as UNT, they should have doubled their output. The Tigers did what they had to do to win...in other words, they played safe.

Virginia Cavaliers
UVA needed a 4th quarter burst to put away the 1-AA Spiders. I gave Richmond a chance to pull an upset here, and for 3 quarters, it was within reachm, but Richmond never got a big opening to take it.

Duke Blue Devils
I predicted that Duke would not blow out Elon, and they matched my expectations perfectly. The Blue Devils did nothing to excite the faithful this week, and now the games get tougher.

Virginia Tech Hokies
Tech found themselves down in the 1st quarter 17-0 to Boise State, only to come back and take a lead, which they promptly gave away in the late 4th quarter. Tech's defense was very young, but they showed at times that they can be a force to deal with, but they broke down when it counted. I still have faith in the Hokies come the end of the season however.

Failing Grade

North Carolina Tar Heels
Carolina showed some heart in the second half, but they fell behind 30-10 by halftime, which essentially took them out of it. 13 players were left in Chappel Hill because of suspensions, Marvin Austin is being called on by the district attorney's office, and Associate HC John Blake resigned. It's been a bad week in Butch Davis' camp.

Week 2 Schedule
Duke (1-0) at Wake Forest (1-0)
Georgia Tech (1-0) at Kansas (0-1)
James Madison (1-0) at Virginia tech (0-1)
Florida State (1-0) at Oklahoma (1-0)
Presbyterian (0-1) at Clemson (1-0)
Kent State (1-0) at Boston College (1-0)
Miami (1-0) at Ohio State (1-0)
Morgan State (1-0) at Maryland (1-0)
NC State (1-0) at Central Florida (1-0)
Virginia (1-0) at USC (1-0)
North Carolina is idle

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