Friday, September 3, 2010

9/4 Forecasts-The Big Games

These are my choices for the games of the week. Catch every part of these games that you can.

UConn at Michigan
This could be the rise of the Husky program, and the fall of Rich Rodriguez if the Wolverines get beat. The Huskies are a very real threat, but I believe that with their backs against the wall, Michigan will find a way to prevail.
UM QB Tate Forcier has been called out by his teammates for his perceived lack of work ethic, and overall lack of toughness. He is going to have to come out and play like a man possessed. That gives UM an edge as well.
The one thing that UConn has going for them is that they have absolutely nothing to lose tomorrow afternoon. Randy Edsell's team would not be expected to win by very many people, so they can afford to play relaxed.

Vegas Line: Michigan -3
I Pick: Michigan at home...The Wolverines absolutely cannot lose at home to the Huskies. If they do, Rich Rod had better start packing his bags, as he may not even last the season. It's do or die time in Ann Arbor, and Rodriguez doesn't have the locals on his side.

Washington at BYU
BYU is in a vulnerable state. They are coming into this game loaded with inexperience at all of the skill positions. Washington is hungry to show American that they are back from the dead. This is also the homecoming of Washington HC Steve Sarkisian, who is a former star BYU QB. Both teams have something to play for, as BYU is trying to prove that they will be able to sustain outside of their traditional environment by going Independent after this season, and Washington is trying to prove that they are clawing their way back to elite status. The Huskies lost all of their road games a year ago.

Vegas Line: BYU -3
I Pick: Washington has to break that road losing streak sometime, and they have Jake Locker. The Huskies will have to be damn near perfect, but they have a major chance at victory.

Oregon State at TCU
Everyone is making this game out to be bigger than it is. Cowboys Stadium will not be full. OSU is playing a first time starting QB, and TCU is loaded almost everywhere. The Frogs should take this game walking away, as they have all of the tools to shut down both of the Rodgers brothers. There is a bunch of talk about how great this game will be, and obviously I am not buying it. The only reason that I rate this game so highly is that this will be a great chance for everyone to see how good TCU will be this season.

Vegas Line: TCU -11
I Pick: TCU...The Frogs have a shot at redemption for losing the Fiesta Bowl this season, and this is step one of a march that could take them all the way back to the BCS and beyond.

LSU vs. North Carolina at Atlanta
This game will fun to watch just to see how badly UNC can fall apart after the train wreck of a week that they are having. The Heels are losing 12 players for this game. That's a shit load. LSU isn't a great football team, so Les Miles will take any win that he can get.

Vegas Line: PK
I Pick: is this game still a PK after all that has happened to UNC the last couple of days? Is LSU that bad and we just haven't experienced their awfulness yet? There is a weird cloud hanging over this game.

Cincinnati at Fresno State
This is a very brave venture by UC to travel to Fresno to open the season. Fresno is always a major trap, but nobody should discount how good UC should be this season. Sure they lost Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard, but Zach Colaros almost had Pike benched at QB last season, and the WR corps is very deep and talented for the Bearcats.
Fresno is always a beast at home, and although they lost RB Ryan Matthews, who meant so very much to the Bulldogs in 2009, they are still fierce at home. If Fresno can keep it close going into the half, anything can happen.

Vegas Line: PK
I Pick: Cincinnati in a dog and cat fight. This may be one of the more entertaining games of the opening weekend. If you are going to be home on a Saturday night, than this will be a nice consolation. If you are out, be near a TV. Win-Win.


Tulsa at East Carolina
If you are watching this game on Sunday, than you are a college football junkie, and I am proud of you. You are a true fan of college football. Tulsa will be trying to make last season look like a long lost nightmare. East Carolina is breaking in a new coaching staff led by alumnus Ruffin McNeal, who led Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl. GJ Kinne is one of the best young QBs in the game for Tulsa, and if his line is better than they were a year ago, than he should have time to gun it all over the field. This is the season and CUSA opener for both teams.

Vegas Line: Tulsa -6
I Pick: Tulsa...ECU is rebuilding under McNeill, but they are very tough in Greenville. Look for ECU to hang for 3 quarters before Tulsa is able to pull away.

SMU at Texas Tech
Throw all defensive gameplans out the window when these two teams meet. SMU is back under June Jones, and Texas Tech is not changing a thing under new HC Tommy Tubberville. Look for 100 passes between these two squads enroute to what should be a classic "take the over" kind of a game. I am looking for a real gem here.

Vegas Line: Texas Tech -13
I Pick: Tech, but they won't get to that lead until the 4th. Look for a real show here.


Boise State vs. Virginia tech at Landover Maryland
Let's not delude ourselves here. This is a Tech home game. Tech has every shot at knocking Boise State from BCS consideration on Monday night, but they will have to control the ball and keep it out of the hands of the best QB in the game this season, Kellen Moore. Moore will beat you in many different ways, and Chris Peterson will have his team prepared for this trip. Tech will run and run with Ryan Williams and Daren Evans, two backs who could both bust for 1000 yards this season. Tyrod Taylor started to look like a college QB for the first time last season, and he can beat you too. The WR combo of Pettis and Young for BSU is the best in the nation. We'll have a war here people.

Vegas Line: Boise State -2.5
I Pick: After a great deal of pain from flipping this over in my head......I pick Boise State to pull off a major road victory. Tech will throw it all at the Broncos, but in the end, the Hokies will fall just a little bit short. That being said, Tech stays in contention for a BCS bowl by not losing another game.

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