Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1-A PRS (Power Ratings System) week #2

Here is the second edition of the 1-A PRS. Enjoy.

1. LSU Tigers (2-0, 587 points)
Last Week: Defeated Vanderbilt 27-3
This Week: Mississippi State
The LSU defense should be up to the challenge against MSU and their dual QB system. The problem will be how LSU reacts on offense to MSU's very aggressive defense.
Vegas Line: LSU -13
I pick: LSU...the Tigers have been dominant for 6 of the 8 quarters that they have played thus far. MSU is getting better, but an upset would be a small stretch here.

2. Oregon Ducks (2-0, 577)
Last Week: Defeated Tennessee 48-13
This Week: Portland State
Who's bringing the shovels to scoop up the Viking remains this weekend. The Ducks will dominate. Oregon has outscored their opponents 120-13 so far in 2010, and the win in Knoxville was no joke.
Vegas Line: None
I pick: Wow...let me think about this...

3. Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0, 538)
Last Week: Defeated Penn State 24-3
This Week: @ Duke
At least the Tide is rolling out of Tuscaloosa this weekend. Let's not waste too much time breaking this down, the Tide will dominate Duke, just as they have Penn State and San Jose State. Watching Bama is like watching an NFL team. Best team in the SEC, and they will knock LSU off of their pedestal later on.
Vegas Line: Bama -23
I pick: Roll Tide

4. Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0, 521)
Last Week: Defeated Miami 36-24
This Week: Ohio U.
The Buckeyes are like a guy in a cash grab machine with a big smile on his face while he laughs like a psycho stuffing points down the front of his shirt. The Buckeyes will make green mush of the Bobcats this week.
Vegas Line: OSU -31
I pick: Chuck it to the wind...everything on the Buckeyes

5. Oklahoma Sooners (2-0, 515)
Last Week: Defeated Florida State 47-17
This Week: #33 Air Force
Tricky Sooners...tricks are for kids. Here I thought that the Sooners were having some defensive issues when they struggled mightily against Utah State. That was all a ruse. The Sooners are just fine. They should be able to contain the Falcons option offense this weekend, and although I love the Falcons, they won't win in Norman.
Vegas Line: OU -18
I pick: Oklahoma...and the points will probably suffice

6. Utah Runnin' Utes (2-0, 506)
Last Week: Defeated UNLV 38-10
This Week: @ New Mexico
The Utes have been blessed with this early schedule. Jordan Wynn should be in line to get back in as the starting QB this week for Utah, but they won't need him against the hapless Lobos.
Vegas Line: Utah -26
 I pick: Utah

7. South Carolina Gamecocks (2-0, 497)
Last Week: Defeated Georgia 17-6
This Week: Furman
The Gamecocks have put themselves into a very lucrative position by beating Georgia. They now look like the leading candidate to unseat Florida as the King of the SEC east. They will unfortuantely drop some this weekend, as Furman will not gain them major points.
Vegas Line: None
I pick: SC

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (2-0, 480)
Last Week: Defeated New Mexico 52-17
This Week: #10 Texas
The Big 12 South Wars resume this weekend when the Longhorns visit Lubbock in a top 10 showdown. The last Longhorn visit did not go well for Texas, as they fell in front of a rabid crowd. Can the Raiders repeat with a new coach?
Vegas Line: Texas -7.5
I pick: Tech at home, as the Horns offense struggles again.

9. Kentucky Wildcats (2-0, 478)
Last Week: Defeated Western Kentucky 63-28
This Week: Akron
Joker Phillips has had a very nice start to his HC career at UK, and it should just keep on getting better this weekend against the abysmal Zips. No issues this week.
Vegas Line: UK -25
I pick: UK

10. Texas Longhorns (2-0, 462)
Last Week: Defeated Wyoming 34-7
This Week: @ #8 Texas Tech
On paper, the Horns have been alright. But their offense has not hit the mark yet. 34 points each in wins over Rice and Wyoming is nothing to hang a hat on, but a win is a win. The D has been towing the line, and they'll have to do it again, or else another loss in Lubbock is hughly possible.
Vegas Line: Texas -7.5
I pick: Tech wins in Lubbock again, unless the offense gets the safety taken off and they are unable to unleash hell.

11. Oklahoma State Cowboys (2-0, 457)
Last Week: Defeated Troy 41-38
This Week: Tulsa
The danger of playing down to their opponent almost took a bite out of OSU last week, and that danger still remains against GJ Kinne and Tulsa this week. Fortunately for OSU, Tulsa has been playing way under capacity this season. OSU should roll at home, and I'd let Kendall Hunter pound the ball 30 times.
Vegas Line: OSU -7
I pick: OSU is getting a gift with 7, but they had better play up to it.

12. Wisconsin Badgers (2-0, 451)
Last Week: Defeated San Jose State 27-14
This Week: Arizona State
Wisconsin has been guilty of sleep walking through their first two games this season. There was not much to be proud of last week in only beating SJSU by 13. This is the time to get up, with a PAC-10 team coming into Camp Randall.
Vegas Line: UW -15.5
I pick: UW...it's time to show what you're made of.

13. Auburn Tigers (2-0, 448)
Last Week: Defeated Mississippi State 17-14
This Week: #35 Clemson
Gene Chizik should be concerned that someon may follow MSU's blueprint in finding a way to stop QB Cameron Newton. Clemson may do just that. However, it's a very difficult task to go into Jordan-Hare and come out with a win. Now is the perfect time for Ontario McCalebb or Mike Dyer to pick up some steam on offense.
Vegas Line: Auburn -6
I pick: Auburn at home seems to make the most sense to me, especially against a Clemson team that hasn't really been challenged with wins over North Texas and Presbyterian.

14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-0, 447)
Last Week: Defeated Idaho 38-17
This Week: @ Washington
This is a fantastic chance for the Huskers to show America that they are back to their dominant level from the past. Husky Stadium will be rocking for this one, and Steve Sarkisian has a knack for picking an early season favorite and beating them (see USC last season). Washington is solid at home, so the Huskers had best bring it all.
Vegas Line: Huskers -6
I pick: Nebraska...it won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Here's a shout out to my buddy Marty...have a blast at the game my friend.

15T. Michigan Wolverines (2-0, 432)
Last Week: defeated Notre Dame 28-24
This Week: UMass
Denard Robinson accounted for 502 yards...the rest of the team, 50. This week presents an opportunity to find someone to take the heat off of Robinson and keep him from taking too many hits.
Vegas Line: None
I pick: Michigan...but UMass may not make it easy.

15T. USC Trojans (2-0, 432)
Last Week: Defeated Virginia 17-14
This Week: @ Minnesota
HC Lane Kiffin was very unhappy with his team's performance last weekend. Minnesota is the kind of team that you take on when you want to be happy.
Vegas Line: USC -20
I pick: USC...how can you lose to a team that got beat by South Dakota?

17. East Carolina Pirates (2-0, 424)
Last Week: Defeated Memphis 49-27
This Week: @ Virginia Tech
ECU has come out of the blue to take a 2-0 record into the trip to Lane Stadium this weekend. Ruffin McNeill has done an amazing job and the offensive staff has reclaimed Dominique Davis from the trash heap. The Pirates have their biggest test of the season, but will Tech be extra motivated for this game after an 0-2 start?
Vegas Line: Tech -17
I pick: Tech in a much closer game than the spead would suggest. I cannot see the Hokies going 0-3 to start the season, with an 0-2 mark at home. That's not a Frank Beamer team. However, if the Pirates pulled out the win, I would not be shocked.

18. Florida Gators (2-0, 418)
Last Week: Defeated South Florida 38-14
This Week: @ Tennessee
The Gators and Vols are both desperate to win this game. UT is desperate because they do not want to lose at home for the second straight week, and they don't want to lose because a loss may just set them into a tailspin that they won't pull out of. The Gators need to win because a loss would set them up to lose there spot on the top of the SEC east heap, and South Carolina is nipping at them a great deal right now.
Vegas Line: Florida -15
I pick: Florida...The Gators own UT, and it doesn't matter where they play. Derek Dooley has a ton of work to do at Tennessee, and Urban Meyer is one of the masters.

19. Michigan State Spartans (2-0, 405)
Last Week: Defeated Florida Atlantic 30-17
This Week: Notre Dame
The Spartans have a two headed monster at RB, and there are even more backs in reserve. Being that Notre Dame couldn't stop Denard Robinson from running like a mad man, I would say that a 3-0 start is a major possibility for Sparty.
Vegas Line: MSU -3.5
I pick: MSU...Spartans will win big in Prime Time. Run baby run.

20. TCU Horned Frogs (2-0, 344)
Last Week: Defeated Tennessee Tech 62-7
This Week: Baylor
TCU starts to climb the mountain again this week, as they slipped several spots due to playing the 1-AA Eagles. They will get a significant challenge when they take on Robert Griffin and the Bears at home, but Griffin has not seen a defense like this yet.
Vegas Line: TCU -17
I pick: TCU

21. Boise State Broncos (1-0, 336)
Last Week: Idle
This Week: @ Wyoming
The Broncos looked like a pro team against Virginia Tech, and they wisely took a week off to recover from that trip and the effort that they put out. This week should not present much of a test against a very disjointed looking Wyoming Cowboy team.
Vegas Line: Broncos -21
I pick: Boise State

22. Arizona Wildcats (2-0, 326)
Last Week: Defeated The Citadel 52-6
This Week: Iowa
The Wildcats got their cupcake consumed last week, so now we can get on to bigger and better things in Tucson. Iowa brings a certain toughness to the desert this weekend, and they are out toprove that they can enter the Big 10 discussions with Ohio State and Wisconsin. Arizona is one of the most dangerous teams in the country, and they have outscored their first 2 opponents by a 93-9 margin. Never mind the loud booms out in the desert this weekend. It's just a war.
Vegas Line: Iowa -1
I pick: Arizona at home...Arizona Stadium is a crazy place. It's loud and very hostile. Bear Down Cats.

23. San Diego State Aztecs (2-0, 308)
Last Week: Defeated New Mexico State 41-21
This Week: @ Missouri
It was only going to be a matter of time that Brady Hoke built SDSU into a succesful program. He's way ahead of the curve right now, and there is no reason to believe that the Aztecs can't at least sniff at bowl prospects this year, not next. This week will be a tough road trip into Columbia, and the Aztecs will have to poor everything that they have into taking out the Tigers.
Vegas Line: Mizzou -19
I pick:  Mizzou, but that is a ton of points to hand out. SDSU is probably short of being ready for this kind of test, but they'll be ready in a year or two.

24. Stanford Cardinal (2-0, 325)
Last Week: Defeated UCLA 35-0
This Week: #33 Wake Forest
Stanford has been dominant defensively so far this season, and they have gotten just enough from their offense. Wake is an intriguing early opponent for the Cardinal, but they should have enough in the tank to work it out.
Vegas Line: Stanford -16
I pick: Stanford, but I am shocked at the points given. Wake may make a game of it.

25. California Golden Bears (2-0, 296)
Last Week: Defeated Colorado 52-7
This Week: @ #28 Nevada (Friday)
The trip to Reno will be a major trap for the Bears if they don't prepare this week. Mackey Stadium can be a death trap for unsuspecting travelers, and the Wolfpack is running the pistol to perfection. However, Kevin Riley is having his best start yet for the Bears, and freshman WR Keenan Allen is a rising star. Never discount the Bears defense, and you had better tackle Shane Vereen the first time around, because if you miss, he will hurt you in so many ways.
Vegas Line: Cal -2.5
I pick: The Bears...Nevada is a very god football team, but Cal is trying to prepare to take the next step towards finally being a nationally feared football team. Both teams will be challenged on every play.


26. NC State (2-0, 276)
27. Houston (2-0, 274)
28T. Nevada (2-0, 271)
28T. Texas A&M (2-0, 271)
30T. Northwestern (2-0, 259)
30T. West Virginia (2-0, 259)
32. Rutgers (2-0, 255)
33T. Air Force (2-0, 250)
33T. Wake Forest (2-0, 250)
35. Clemson (2-0, 247)

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