Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1-A PRS Poll #1

1T.  LSU Tigers (1-0, 336)
Last Week: Defeated North Carolina 30-24
This Week: @ Vanderbilt
I pick: LSU
Vandy fought harder than I thought that they would against Northwestern, but they won't be able to go punch for punch with the Tigers.

1T. Boise State Broncos (1-0, 336)
Last Week: Defeated Virginia Tech 33-30
This Week: Idle
Last night's game had all of the feelings of a major bowl game. Boise will slide a bit for having a bye week (can't earn points if you don't play), but they proved last night that they should definately be in a hunt for a national title.

3. Oregon Ducks (1-0, 294)
Last Week: Defeated New Mexico 72-0
This Week: @ Tennessee
I pick: Oregon
The Ducks made UNM look like a girl's flag football team in Eugene. Tennessee will not have the firepower to stop the Ducks this week.

4. TCU Horned Frogs (1-0, 289)
Last Week: Defeated Oregon State 30-21
This Week: Tennessee Tech
I pick: TCU
TCU more than handled their business in the season opener, as they made the OS on the Beaver sidleine caps mean "Oh Shit". TCU is awesome on defense, and Andy Dalton overcame some mistakes, and TCU wins again. But for the love of God, please dump those awful helmets.

5T. Utah Runnin Utes (1-0, 280)
Last Week: Defeated Pittsburgh 27-24 (OT)
This Week: UNLV
I pick: Utah
The Utes came into the season on a mission. Part 1 completed, 11 more chapters to go. UNLV should be a beatable part 2.

5T. Arizona Wildcats (1-0, 280)
Last Week: Defeated Toledo 41-2
This Week: The Citadel
I pick: Arizona
The cats rode the arm of Nick Foles to a huge win on the road. They should not need too much effort to rinse and repeat this week.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (1-0, 263)
Last Week: Defeated Washington State 65-17
This Week: Troy
I pick: OSU
The Cowboys found Kendell Hunter again, and they rode his legs to a crushing win over the Cougars. There i no reason to think that they cannot dominate the Trojans this week, who barely escaped Bowling Green. The Cowboys will cruise.

8. USC Trojans (1-0, 262)
Last Week: Defeated Hawaii 49-36
This Week: Virginia
I pick: USC
The Trojans are ineligbile for a bowl this season, but I'll rate them anyway. USC should not have a problem beating the Cavaliers this weekend, but they should really use this game to learn how to tackle.

9. Wisconsin Badgers (1-0, 261)
Last Week: Defeated UNLV 41-21
This Week: San Jose State
I pick Wisconsin
The Badgers offense looked mortal at times against UNLV Saturday night. They need to cut down on the mistakes, but that shouldn't be a problem against the hapless Spartans this weekend.

10. Syracuse Orangemen (1-0, 255)
Last Week: Defeated Akron 29-3
This Week: @ Washington
I pick: Washington
What a surprise to see the Orangemen ranked this high. Don't get used to it. They should fall in Seattle this week, but this is a nice taste for a team that hasn't seen these heights in years. An upset on the road would be unique.

11. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0, 253)
Last Week: Defeated Louisiana-Lafayette 55-7
This Week: @ #24 South Carolina
I pick: Georgia
This is usually the kind of game that the Gamecocks disappear in, and the Bulldogs want another kill. Both teams dominated last week, but UGA should get WR AJ Green back from suspension. That just adds another dimension for freshman QB Aaron Murray.

12. Texas Longhorns (1-0, 251)
Last Week: Defeated Rice 34-17
This Week: Wyoming
I pick: Texas
The Horns did not run all over Rice as they should have. You could expect a few growing pains with a new QB, but this is the kind of week to work out the kinks and really get rolling.

13. Colorado Buffaloes
Last Week: Defeated Colorado State 24-3
This Week: @ California
I pick: Cal
Every win is a job saver for Dan Hawkins. The CSU game was of major importance in state as well as on campus. This week will be a tougher go for the Buffs, and so count one loss down on the Hawkins hot seat alert.

14. Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0, 243)
Last Week: Defeated San Jose State 48-3
This Week: Penn State
I pick: Bama
The Tide has a chance to pick up a major win at home, but it sure would be nice to see them go on the road and playsomeone big before bowl season. Last weekend's win was business as usual.

15. Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-0, 241)
Last Week: Defeated Memphis 49-7
This Week: #21 Auburn
I pick: Auburn
The reason that I love doing this is that you see some strange teams in the top 25 for a week or two before everything sorts out. The Bulldogs looked awesome against miserable Memphis, but an upset over the visiting Tigers could keep MSU around for awhile.

16. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1-0, 238)
Last Week: Defeated Western Kentucky 49-10
This Week: Idaho
I pick: Nebraska
This should be a win for the Huskers, but won't come as easlily as last weekend. Nebraska will climb higher.

17. Army Cadets
Last Week: Defeated Eastern Michigan 31-27
This Week: Hawaii
I pick: Army
It's a long way to travel for Hawaii to get to West Point. Army is a better tackling team than USC. The Cadets should get the win here.

18. Florida Atlantic Owls
Last Week: Defeated UAB 32-31
This Week: @ Michigan State
I pick: MSU
The poll givith, and the poll taketh away. The Spartans should have no problem beating the Owls in East Lansing.

19. Minnesota Golden Gophers
Last Week: Defeated Middle Tennesse 24-17
This Week: South Dakota
I pick: Minnesota
The Gophers have not gotten into the meat of their schedule, and so we still don't know what their true identity is. Wait until next week.

20. Kentucky Wildcats (1-0, 230)
Last Week: Defeated Louisville 23-16
This Week: Western Kentucky
I pick: UK
The Cats should easily spend another week climbing the polls.

21. Auburn Tigers (1-0, 228)
Last Week: Defeated Arkansas State 52-26
This Week: @ #15 Mississippi State
I pick: Auburn
It's the Cameron Newton show on the plains. The show goes on the road this week to face off with the Bulldogs in what should be a night of offensive fireworks.

22. Northwestern Wildcats (1-0, 225)
Last Week: Defeated Vanderbilt 23-21
This Week: Illinois State
I pick: NW
ISU did not play defense last week and it almost killed them against Central Missouri. Northwestern should take advantage and air it out.

23. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0, 223)
Last Week: Defeated Marshall 45-7
This Week: Miami
I pick: Ohio State
Terelle Pryor trumps Jacory Harris this week. Pryor is ready to play big. This is a must win for the BUckeyes to get rid if the stigma that they cannot win a big game.

24. South Carolina Gamecocks (1-0, 219)
Last Week: Defeated Southern Mississippi 41-13
This Week: #11 Georgia
I pick: UGA
This is the kind of game that Carolina has a tendency to drop. Garcia and Lattimore need to have huge games this week at home. In reality, this game can go either way.

25. Michigan State Spartans (1-0, 212)
Last Week: Defeated Western Michigan 38-14
This Week: #18 Florida Atlantic
I pick: Sparty
This MSU team is much different than the one the took the field a year ago. There is a better focus, and more depth, and the rushing attack has the makings of a terrific group. FAU should be an easy put away if the Spartans focus.

26. Clemson (1-0, 210)
27. Florida (1-0, 206)
28. East Carolina (1-0, 203)
29. Michigan (1-0, 200)
30. Iowa State (1-0, 194)
31. Texas Tech (1-0, 193)
32. Fresno State (1-0, 192)
33. Kansas State (1-0, 190)
34. Oklahoma (1-0, 188)
35. Notre Dame (1-0, 184)

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