Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1-A (FBS) PRS (Power Ratings System) Week 4

Welcome to the 4th release of the 1-A PRS for 2010. Not too many changes at the top, but some teams took a beating. Texas fell clear out of the top 25 after their thrashing by UCLA in Austin last week. Kentucky dropped to 24th. South Carolina and Arkansas fell out of the top 25 as well. New to the Power Rankings top 25 this week: Army, Kansas State, and Missouri.
Enjoy the PRS this week. Come back every Tuesday for the new release!

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0, 1127)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: defeated Arkansas 24-20
Points Gained: 278
This Week: #6 Florida
The Tide had a time of it at Arkansas last week, but the young D put up when it counted by picking Ryan Mallett 4 times. This week will be another true battle in Tuscaloosa, but the Tide has played a tougher schedule, and their offense and defense are clicking.
I pick: Bama has the edge here, as they will be more prepared.

2. LSU Tigers (4-0, 1109)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #1,  defeated West Virginia 20-14
Points Gained: 226
This Week: Tennessee
I knew that it would only be a matter of time before someone, namely Alabama, would overtake the Tigers at the top. LSU is winning ugly, but they are still winning. This week's game should bring an easy win. Jefferson is still the QB, for now.
I pick: LSU

3. Utah Runnin' Utes (4-0, 1063)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #3, defeated San Jose State 56-3
Points Gained: 259
This Week: IDLE
The Utes will slide a little by taking the week off, but that's ok...they will be back. This is a good chance for Jordan Wynn to get the thumb better, and will be a great chance for Terrence Cain to get more practice reps. What a dilemma to have two great QBs like the Utes have.

4. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0, 1026)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4, defeated Eastern Michigan 73-20
Points Gained: 276
This Week: at Illinois
The Buckeyes must be licking their chops at the chance do drive a nail into Ron Zook's coaching coffin this week. There is no way that the llini can run with the Bucks this week.
I pick: Ohio State

5. USC Trojans (4-0, 960)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #10, defeated Washington State 50-16
Points Gained: 284
This Week: Washington
The Trojans feasted on WSU misery last Saturday up in Pullman, and now it's time for some nice and cold revenge against the Huskies this Saturday. Expect the Trojans to show no mercy as the Huskies plain suck on the road.
I pick: USC

6. Florida Gators (4-0, 945)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11, defeated #24 Kentucky 48-14
Points Gained: 282
This Week: at #1 Alabama
Trey Burton, Jeff Demps...it doesn't matter who it is but someone always steps it up for the Gators. This week, several people had better step up, because I can promise you that the Tide will not let one player beat them. This game will be a war, but Florida isn't ready to play it just yet.
I pick: Bama

7. Auburn Tigers (4-0, 921)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #9, defeated #31 South Carolina 35-27
Points Gained: 243
This Week: UL-Monroe
I will go out on a limb here and say that I don't believe that Auburn will fall behind by double digits before they come back to beat the WarHawks this week. I don't think that this statement is a bad bet.
I pick: Auburn

8. Oklahoma Sooners (4-0, 918)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #8, defeated Cincinnati 31-29
Points Gained: 233
This Week: Texas (@ Dallas)
OU seems to be the cardiac kid reverse image of Auburn. Where Auburn falls behind early, and comes back late, OU goes up big early, and then tries to give the game away. OU has UT in a bad place this week, and they should kick them while they are down...HARD!!!
I pick: OU

9.Oregon Ducks (4-0, 899)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #12, defeated Arizona State 42-31
Points Gained: 253
This Week: #10 Stanford
Oh boy!!! You should not go anywhere on Saturday that does not include you seeing this game. The media is discounting Stanford's chances at upsetting the Ducks, but the Ducks got exposed defensively by Arizona State last week. If Oregon does not fix their issues, all of the offense in the world may not make a difference, as Stanford can dance with them all night.
I pick: I'll go with Oregon for now, but may change when the previews are posted depending on developments this week.

10. Stanford Cardinal (4-0, 877)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #16, defeated Notre Dame 37-14
Points Gained: 260
This Week: at #9 Oregon
What a battle in the Northwest this weekend. Stanford has every chance of pulling off the upset here and keeping their Rose Bowl hopes alive, if not more. I expect this game to come down to the end.
I pick: As I said, Oregon for now, but check back later.

11. TCU Horned Frogs (4-0, 832)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #18, defeated SMU 41-24
Points Gained: 258
This Week: at Colorado State
The game against CSU should allow the Frogs to climb back into the top 10 in next week's PRS. I don't see any issues about TCU not winning big in Fort Collins.
I pick: TCU

12. Boise State Broncos (3-0, 831)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #14, defeated Oregon State 37-24
Points Gained: 200
This Week: at New Mexico State
There are no real challenges on the schedule for quite some time now. Nevada in November should be a battle of unbeatens.
I pick: Boise State

13. Nevada Wolfpack (4-0, 785)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #19, defeated BYU 27-13
Points Gained: 241
This Week: at UNLV
Nevada simply dismantled the Rebels last year in Reno, and I am guessing that the same thing is about to go down about 15 minutes from my house at Sam Boyd Stadium this Saturday night.
Should be ugly.
I pick: Nevada

14. NC State Wolfpack (4-0, 729)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #24, defeated Georgia Tech 45-28
Points Gained: 262
This Week: Virginia Tech
This week may bring the brick wall that I have been waiting for all along for the Pack. Tech is angry and they are playing with fire right now. Russell Wilson has finally started to produce at a pace that was expected of him, so that may be the counter to Tech's mission.
I pick: What the hell...I'll stay with NC State until they beat me.

15. Oklahoma State Cowboys (3-0, 709)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #7, IDLE
Points Gained: 0
This Week: #29 Texas A&M...Thursday
OSU got a week off and hopefully got some defensive items straightened out. The offense is just fine, and the Cowboys are not missing a beat with Brandon Weeden at QB. Kendell Hunter has been the real star as he is averaging 157 yards per game rushing.
I pick: OSU

16. Michigan Wolverines (4-0, 696)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28, defeated Bowling Green 65-21
Points Gained: 259
This Week: at #26 Indiana
UM has to be somewhat conscious that this is when the team has begun to fold the last two seasons. This game may be the most important game that UM has played to date, just to clear their head of any impending curse of the Big 10 schedule under Rich Rodriguez. The best news of the week is that Denard Robinson will be able to play.
I pick: Michigan

17. Northwestern Wildcats (4-0, 691)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #22, defeated Central Michigan 30-25
Points Gained: 185
This Week: at Minnesota
The Wildcats have got to be pumped that they are in this position at this time of year. The major concern one has is how they allowed CMU to come back from a 30-13 deficit late, but the Chippewas are a damn good football team, and they'll do that to you. Minnesota has completely checked out as a football team, and so the Cats should be able to beat them up early and walk away with a win.
I pick: Northwestern

18. Wisconsin Badgers (4-0, 685)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #15, defeated Austin Peay 70-3
Points Gained: 63
This Week: at #22 Michigan State
Wisconsin may be the most underachieving 4-0 team in America. They have not dominated anyone other than Austin Peay, even San Jose State (only scored 27 and won by 13). This week, all of that may come crashing down on them in East Lansing. Whoever runs the ball better will win the game, but the home field equals the edge.
I pick: UPSET ALERT!!! Michigan State

19. Arizona Wildcats (4-0, 678)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #20, defeated California 10-9
Points Gained: 161
This Week: IDLE
You could almost feel the emotional letdown coming after the huge home win against Iowa last week. What was Cal's excuse on offense? The Cats get a week off before a trap game against Oregon State.

20. Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-0, 652)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #13, defeated South Dakota State 17-3
Points Gained: 14
This Week: IDLE
Bo Pelini was pissed off after the escape from the Jackrabbits at home last weekend. The team is going to be working very hard to get ready for Kansas State...very hard.

21. Missouri (4-0, 646)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #29, defeated Miami(Ohio) 51-13
Points Gained: 239
This Week: IDLE
Missouri has to feel pretty good going into the break coming off of the thrashing that they laid on Miami U. last weekend. There is some bad news as Jasper Simmons, a DB, was suspended for an indefinite period of time, and it is not due to legal issues. Simmons had not played due to injury since the opener against Illinois. We will post more news here as it becomes available.

22. Michigan State Spartans (4-0, 630)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #17, defeated Northern Colorado 45-7
Points Gained: 38
This Week: #18 Wisconsin
The best news ever...Mark Dantonio will be in the stadium and coaching from the press box two weeks after a mild heart attack and angioplasty. That is going to be huge in East Lansing, and there will be a ton of emotion.
I pick: Sparty!!!

23. Kansas State Wildcats (4-0, 569)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #30, defeated Central Florida 17-13
Points Gained: 171
This Week: IDLE
K-State was hit by the hand of God, and if you saw the pictures, you know what I mean. KSU is much better than anticipated, and even though the weather probably screwed up Daniel Thomas just a bit, he is still one of the best backs in the game.

24. Kentucky Wildcats (3-1, 542)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #6, lost to Florida 48-14
Points Lost: -170
This Week: at Ole Miss
UK really didn't have a shot at the swamp. This was a perfect opportunity to knock Florida from the top of the heap in the SEC east, but UK just does not have the same kind of fire power and never could find lightning in a bottle. They get a chance to get back in the game at home against the Rebels, but it's another road trip after a rough week. This could be dangerous.
I pick: UK, but watch for the upset.

25. Army Cadets (3-1, 507)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #36, defeated Duke 35-21
Points Gained: 249
This Week: Temple
The Cadets have been rolling since the strange loss to Hawaii. This week will bring a major test as to how good Army can be, as Temple rolls into town. The Owls may be in trouble if Bernard Pierce's ankle isn't right.
I pick: Army if Pierce is out, Temple if he's in.

26. Indiana (3-0, 489)
27. Texas (3-1, 486)
28. Toledo (3-1, 482)
29. Texas A&M (3-0, 455)
30. San Diego State (3-1, 404)
31. South Carolina (3-1, 385)
32. Iowa (3-1, 353)
33. Air Force (3-1, 347)
34. Maryland (3-1, 338)
35. Baylor (3-1, 315)

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