Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1-A (FBS) PRS (Power Ratings System) Week 3

I am pleased to present the Week 3 PRS release. Much like the 1-AA poll, there are several changes this week. Have a great week, and let's start getting ready for this weekend!

1. LSU Tigers (3-0, 883)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #1, defeated Mississippi State 29-7
This Week: #26 West Virginia
Points Gained: 251
Patrick Peterson had 2 picks in the win over MSU, and he is going to rank well on the defensive MVP list next week. The Tigers will have their greatest challenge of the season this week.
I pick: LSU

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0, 849)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #3, defeated Duke 62-13
This Week: #23 Arkansas
Points Gained: 311
Alabama is cruising, and it's probably just a matter of time that they take over the #1 slot. This week will present a major challenge against the Razorbacks, but Bama has already survived Penn State. They will not be intimidated.
I pick: Bama

3. Utah Runnin' Utes (3-0, 804)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #6, defeated New Mexico 56-14
This Week: San Jose State
Points Gained: 298
Utah had a few problems last week, as they lost 3 fumbles and had one returned for a TD. There were some coverage problems as well, but if you have all of those issues, and you still win by 42 points, then something is working right. They should not have any issues against the horrible Spartans this week.
I pick: Utah

4. Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0, 750)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #4, defeated Ohio 43-7
This Week: Eastern Michigan
Points Gained: 229
This week should be a repeat of last. Another blowout is on the horizon. Let's just hope that Brutus has a better week.
I pick: OSU

5. Texas Longhorns (3-0, 746)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #10, defeated Texas Tech 24-14
This Week: UCLA
Points Gained: 284
Texas will not have to try very hard to avoid a repeat of 1997, when the Bruins walked in Austin and left with a 66-3 win. The offense does have some things to fix before this weekend, such as turnover issues with Garrett Gilbert.
I pick: Texas

6. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-0,738)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #13, defeated Washington 56-21
This Week: South Dakota State
Points Gained: 291
The Huskers are back to being a dominant power again, and Taylor Martinez is going to find himself in the conversation for our QB MVP when that poll begins next week. This week will be a breeze.
I pick: Nebraska

7. Kentucky Wildcats (3-0, 712)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #9, defeated Akron 47-10
This Week: at #12 Florida
Points Gained: 234
This week brings UK's shot to knock Florida from the top of the SEC east. This will also be a road trip for UK, and you know that it'll be loud and hostile. UK does not have a strong history of beating the Gators, so this is a tall task.
I pick: Florida...going with history here.

8. Oklahoma State Cowboys (3-0, 709)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11, defeated Tulsa 65-28
This Week: #25 Texas A&M
Points Gained: 252
This week should bring an offensive shootout. OSU has been putting up points and the defense has been a side show. Texas A&M has been better on defense, but still puts up some points. The Aggies were looking ahead to this week and almost payed the price.
I pick: OSU

9. Oklahoma Sooners (3-0, 685)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #5, defeated Air Force 27-24
This Week: at Cincinnati
Points Gained: 180
OU has had an identity crisis this season. They have routed who they should not, and they have struggled against who they shouldn't. The Sooners had Air force put away last week, only to let them crawl back. OU should hammer UC this week, but you never know what you will get.
I pick: OU

10. Auburn Tigers (3-0, 678)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #12, defeated Clemson 27-24 (OT)
This Week: #21 South Carolina
Points Gained: 230
This will be a war this week with the Gamecocks coming to town. Cameron Newton has been solid even when he hasn't been, which is a new way of life on the plains. The defense is going to have to be very sturdy against the run this week, and cannot get down into a hole, as SC won't let them crawl out.
I pick: Staying with the home theme...Auburn

11. USC Trojans (3-0, 676)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #15, defeated Minnesota 32-21
This Week: at Washington State
Points Gained: 244
USC may not be playing their best football, but they have won all 3 games, with two of those wins coming on the road. This week should provide yet another road victory.
I pick: USC

12. Florida Gators (3-0, 663)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #17, defeated Tennessee 31-17
This Week #7 Kentucky
Points Gained: 245
Florida has had their fair share of growing pains in their rebuilt offense, but this is the week that everything needs to fall into place. The Gators will be pushed hard at home against a very good Wildcat football team that is waiting to knock the gators off of their perch.
I pick: Florida...history tells me that I should

13. Oregon Ducks (3-0, 646)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #2, defeated Portland State 69-0
This Week: at Arizona State
Points Gained: 69
You always drop when taking a week off or if you play a 1-AA school, which the Ducks did the latter. The Ducks are on a mission and have won their first three games by a total of 189-13. A road win in Tempe should help get the Ducks back into national title talk.
I pick: Oregon

14. Boise State Broncos (2-0, 631)
Last Week's Ranking/result: #21, defeated Wyoming 51-6
This Week: Oregon State
Points Gained: 295
All the Wyoming players and fans were thinking was "God, we have to play then every year after this." The Boise State fans and players were thinking "WOW!!! We get to play these guys every year after this!!!" This week won't be as much of a challenge as some people think it will be.
I pick: Boise State

15. Wisconsin Badgers (3-0, 622)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #11,defeated Arizona State 20-19
This Week: Austin Peay
Points Gained: 622
Wisconsin is not playing like they want a championship. I get the sense of a team winning, but going through the motions in doing so. This week should bring a blowout, but they won't gain much from beating up on APSU.
I pick: Wisconsin, but they will frustrate you while winning again.

16. Stanford Cardinal (3-0, 617)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #24, defeated Wake Forest 68-24
This Week: at Notre Dame
Points Gained: 262
Jim Harbaugh was still calling for passing plays in the 4th quarter last week. You have to love this guy. Unfortunately, the folks in South Bend will not likely care for him too much after this weekend.
I pick: Stanford

17. Michigan State Spartans (3-0, 592)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #19, defeated Notre Dame 34-31 (OT)
This Week: Northern Colorado
Points Gained: 187
What a week it has been in East Lansing. The good news is that HC Mark Dantonio was released from the hospital today. Don Treadwell will be the HC against the Bears this weekend. MSU should take this one easily, but it's a game against a 1-AA squad, so it will cost some.
I pick: MSU

18. TCU Horned Frogs (3-0, 574)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #20, defeated Baylor 45-10
This Week: at #35 SMU
Points Gained: 230
TCU should defeat their arch rivals this week, but it won't be as easy as beating up on the Bears. SMU will play the Frogs closer than anyone has this season, including Oregon State.
I pick: TCU

19. Nevada Wolfpack (3-0, 544)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28, defeated California 52-21
This Week: at BYU
Points Gained: 273
The Cal game was the big test to see how real the Pack was. I think we all got the message, and Colin Kaepernick now has 13 TDs in 3 games.This team is a dark horse. Look for them to rout BYU.
I pick:Nevada

20. Arizona Wildcats (3-0, 517)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #22, defeated Iowa 34-27
This Week: California
Points Gained: 191
Last week was a huge test for the Cats, and they passed it colorfully. Trevin Wade grabbed 2 picks, and is on the defensive MVP charts to be released next week. Cal won't be a big threat coming off of their embarrassing loss to Nevada last week.
I pick: Arizona

21. South Carolina Gamecocks (3-0, 516)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #7, defeated Furman 38-19
This Week: at #10 Auburn
Points Gained: 19
SC certainly didn't hammer the Paladins as they should have, and it is possible that they were taking it easy with Auburn on the plate for this week. The Gamecocks took a big beating for not dominating Furman.
I pick: Auburn...I have a gut feeling that the wall is about to be hit by SC

22. Northwestern Wildcats (3-0, 506)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #30, defeated Rice 30-13
This Week: Central Michigan
Points Gained: 247
The Cats have had a decently easy go of it thus far in 2010. It gets a little bit tougher this week, but Northwestern should survive.
I pick: Northwestern

23. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-0, 484)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #36, defeated Georgia 31-24
This Week: at #2 Alabama
Points Gained: 238
Well, this could be a short stay for the Hogs. They were quite lucky to beat Georgia last week, and Ryan Mallett cannot save them every week. He is having an unbelievable season so far, but he'll have to up his A game to compete with the Tide this week.
I pick: Alabama

24. NC State (3-0, 467)
Last Week's Ranking/Results: #26, defeated Cincinnati 30-19
This Week: at Georgia Tech
Points Gained: 191
The goal is to get about a 10 point lead on Tech and then force them to try to pass to win, because they simply cannot do that. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Pack, but that does not seem to be happening this season.

25. Texas A&M Aggies (3-0, 455)
Last Week's Ranking/Result: #28, defeated FIU 27-20
This Week: at #8 Oklahoma State
Points Gained: 184
Let's face it...much like Arkansas, the Aggies were extremely fortunate to have not been upset last weekend by the Golden Panthers. The win gets them into the top 25, but the stay could be short with a trip to Stillwater coming up.
I pick: OSU


26. West Virginia (3-0, 454)
27. Fresno State (2-0, 450)
28. Michigan (3-0, 437)
29. Missouri (3-0,407)
30. Kansas State (3-0, 398)
31. Boston College (2-0, 396)
32. Temple (3-0, 367)
33. Indiana (2-0, 289)
34. Texas Tech (2-1, 284)
35. SMU (2-1, 267)

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