Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Welcome to Saturday number 1!!!

For those of you who are trickling in this week, welcome. For those of you who have been reading my stuff sporadically for the last few years, welcome to the new format. I had heard from several people that when I sent out the emails, that they sometimes didn't work for people for whatever reason. I also learned that when I opened this blog a month or so ago, that it's just easier for me to write in this format. I also hope that it more accessible than the old email that used to get sent out every week. There will be a schedule that will take place here. Let me break it down for you as best as I can.

Every Monday, there will be a score recap from the weekend. Monday will be number crunching day for me as well, as I will be breaking down my stats for the weekly poll. If you are trying to find the poll now...STOP!!! I do not release a pre season poll, as that seems rather pointless. This poll is points based. Everyone starts out with 0 points in week one. When you win, you gain points, when you lose, you lose them. Pretty simple. Teams with more high profile wins gain more points than those who beat up on crappy teams. Beat a 1-AA school, and you gain nothing but the differential in which you beat that team by. Beat a ranked opponent, and you score big, especially if you do it on the road. I will break down the point system when the first poll is released one week from today, and will be released every Tuesday until the season ends. Once Bowl season begins, there will be no poll until the Championship game ends. Tuesdays will also be the day in which you start getting my take on the upcoming games for the coming weekend. I will preview Thursday/Friday games on Tuesday, and Saturday games on Wednesday. If there are games on any other day, they too will be covered on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday will be the work up for Saturday. There will be lots of story lines and updates, and I will spend some time going over some of our conversations.

Terminology...I call it as I see it. If you have an aversion to swearing, than be prepared. I will do so when I feel it is appropriate. If you are stuck on BCS bullshit, than you have come to the wrong place. I HATE THE BCS!!! I still designate by 1-A and 1-AA. I still call Syracuse the Orangemen, and I still call Hawaii the Rainbow Warriors, or Rainbows for short, because there is nothing offensive about it. I am not PC, and never will be, so don't expect a bunch of warm and fuzzy crap here. If your team sucks, than they suck. If your team is playing well, than i give props, and I sure as hell won't sugar coat it for you. As you can see, this is not a mainstream media site, nor is it friendly towards mainstream media. I used to work in that market, and it sucks. I don't go after interviews, and I don't drink the Kool-Aide, so I can speak my mind freely, and so I will. When I refer to a coach as being a merc, I mean it. Coaches that get that reference are people that shift from one gig to another without good reason. They especially get it if they get a team up the creek without a paddle, and then bail to go wreck another program. Mercenaries are scum, and they get no love here.

Involvement By YOU!!!...I welcome all comments and conversation. Say whatever you want to say. This is a fan's site/blog, and you all have a say here. But be warned. If you come off badly, you'll probably get slammed for it. Don't take it personally, just come back with better material. It's all good. Oh, and by the way, have fun for God's sake. This shit isn't brain surgery or the cure for cancer. Enjoy yourselves, talk smack, pump up your team. This is college football...the greatest game going!!! Make this place your weekly tailgate party, and come every day.

References: I am not pretending to have the latest breaking story or that I get info from some deep throat at the highest level of government or anything like this. I am just a fan, and I get everything from various websites all over the place. I will try throughout the season to get great stories off of the web, and link you to them. I am striving to be a one stop shop that will collect all sorts of cool stuff, and give you an open channel to it, so that you don't have to do all of that crap yourselves. I also want to give props to the Helmet Project. That is the site that I get all of my helmet artwork off of, and that site kicks major ass. He has the most up to date helmet artwork on his site, plus a ton of historical stuff that is amazingly cool to check out. Even when I am not using his stuff, I still go back often just to see the changes. Check it out, you won't be mad that you did.

Now that you have been brought up to speed (somewhat), I hope that you enjoy the site, and that you all make it what you want it to be. Let's all have a really good time, don't get personal, and let's have one hell of a college football season. The site has my name on it, but it is a place for everyone.

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