Sunday, August 8, 2010

Florida State Update

WR Jarmon Fortson, who was expected to start for FSU, was booted off of the team today for an "undisclosed team policy violation". The rumore mill is circulating that Fortson allegedly failed multiple drug tests, and that this was the reason for his dismissal. Fortson was supposed to be a key piece to QB Christian Ponder's breakout season. With Fortson gone, it seems that Taiwan Easterling will step forward into the role vacated, with Rodney Smith, a sophomore with one catch, as the number three guy. Looks like FSU just slid one notch down in my book, but Jimbo did the right thing by cutting him loose. Bobby Bowden probably would have mumbled some inanity about the guy deserving a (18th) chance or something of that nature.

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