Friday, August 20, 2010

BYU Update

BYU, in a move that defies the mind, is exploring the possibility of going independent in football, and rejooining the WAC in all other sports. Apparently, the move is considered by some at the Church of Latter Day Saints that to go independent would allow BYU to play all over the nation and help spread the Mormon faith. Sounds like a truckload of miopia to me. Earth to Mormon Church...the idea is to join conferences, not leave them entirely behind. Independent football is like disco balls and the Rockford Files, fun and interesting, but dated and historic. The MWC countered BYU's move by immediately making one of their own by inviting Fresno State and Nevada to join the MWC from the WAC. This would make the WAC irrelelvent, because even with BYU joining, there would not be enough members left to field a football conference by 2011, and would probably kill the league in other sports as well. Nice...

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