Friday, July 30, 2010

Post #1

I have been writing a college football newsletter for a few years now, and went through the process every week of compiling my power poll (PRS-Power Ratings System) and putting together the letter every week, and then I would try to send it out by a certain day of the week. That became an enormous task, and so flinging myself into the blogosphere seemed to be a better way to streamline the entire porcess. I hope that everyone that reads this blog gets some enjoyment out of it. I hope that it is informative and entertaining, and please let me know how you are enjoying it. NCAA Football season is right around the corner, so good luck to all of your favorite teams in 2010 and beyond.



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  2. I am VERY excited about your Blog! The WWW is so lucky to have you! As you know, and all others will read from the many comments I anticipate posting, I know football like I know French (after 2 semesters in high school.) And, to know me is to know I will proudly strut the little knowledge I do know, spreading my feathers like a proud peacock...welp, as that proud peacock, please be kind...I know I will surely put my foot (or my tallon - is that what they have?) in my mouth!
    I know I LOVE hearing you talk about the teams, the players and all of the polictics of College Football, "CO-FO" as I refer to it...I swear that would catch on! No? - ok : (
    Anyway, I have NEVER met ANYONE who has the passion, the knowledge and the level headedness for discussing such a topic as you, my love!
    I know I am ready to get my learn on and will be a devout follower, I am excited to learn a lot, all the while enjoying your awesome wit!
    I love you!